Poladroid is a free program available at poladroid.net and I absolutely love it.

After you install and open it, it puts a cute little polaroid camera on your desktop. Then you drag and drop whatever photos you want to convert into polaroids on to it. It processes it, makes a noise like the real camera does when it spits out your picture. Then you “shake” it around on your desktop until it comes to full color (just like the real thing!) and once it is at 100% it plays music and gets saved to “My Pictures” (You can probably change where it gets saved to, but this was the default and I don’t mind things getting saved in there)

So here is a sneak peak at what will eventually end up on concertkatie.com on the Photographs page. The only down side is that if the picture is of a group (ie, Lauren, me and the 4 gents of Honor Society) it doesn’t fit. So I might have to put my photoshop skills to work (HA! As if I have any!) and make those manually. If not someone ends up being cut out and that’s just not cool!

I also hope to get a cute handwriting font to put either the date or who is in the photo (or both?) on the bottom. But it’s all still a work in progress.

Anyway here is a photo of me and Alex from Honor Society, which was converted into a cute little Polaroid 🙂

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