I have always wanted to try chalking on my scrapbook pages, but was never sure what to use. Then I discovered Liquid Chalk Markers. Included in the set is 8 vivid colored liquid chalk markers in purple,white, blue, yellow, orange, pink, red and green.  They also came with a bonus silicone pen holder – mine was green but it also comes in pink, yellow, blue or orange.

I found the pens easy to use – with 3 steps to get yourself set up.  Push on the tip with the pen in a vertical position.  Shake the pen and then push the pen tip down on the paper to get the liquid chalk flowing.  I found that the chalk dried really fast so there was no need to take time to pause in between projects.  It was a great look on the paper and I am looking forward to using it on more layouts soon.

And a note: these markers work best on non-porous surfaces. Always test it on a small area first to see if it will wipe off.

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