Music Monday: Under the Sea


Soothing guided imagery and calming melodies carry you away on an enchanted journey under the sea, tapping the gift of imagination that children naturally posses, helping to make bedtime more relaxing for everyone.

“Sleep Well for Kids – Under the Sea” features soothing guided meditation and beautiful relaxing melodies. Together, they combine to create a calming, nurturing atmosphere that is perfect for children (and parents) who have a difficult time winding things down at bedtime.

Janet Montgomery CH.t. is your guide as she takes you on a magical journey using guided imagery and visualization techniques to float you on a relaxing voyage to a special beach.  You will then be guided on a leisurely tour through the tide pools before diving down under the water to play with the dolphins and learn about the abundant sea life….all the while drifting off to a deep, restorative sleep.

Children are introduced to the basics of breathing techniques, progressive relaxation for their body, and visualization for managing worry and relaxing into a restful sleep.  “Sleep Well for Kids: Under the Sea” is a wonderful tool for helping children to learn the essential life-skills associated with calming down and relaxing.  Parents will find they will get the rest they need too!

I had a tough time reviewing this CD because I kept wanting to go to sleep!  Janet’s voice is very soothing and helpful in making sure that you are relaxed.  She also describes things that you can imagine to help you relax.  That combined with the music going on in the background, you can’t help but feel relaxed and ready for a nap or to go to sleep for the night.  This CD is 1 40 minute track perfect for anyone who needs a little help calming down and relaxing before it’s time to sleep.

Listen to clips at their website:

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