Book Review: John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography

digitalnatureA couple of items on my bucketlist would probably fall into the “Nature Photography” category – a cruise to Alaska and an African Safari.  I do not have a DSLR camera – but I would say if either of these trips end up happening it will be time to invest in one and learn how to use it.  Digital Nature Photography will be one of the books to help me use the camera.  In this book, John Shaw teaches you techniques on how to use your DSLR, what settings he used for shots, etc.  There are even comparison shots where he shows something he shot with and without a filter for a comparison.  This book is filled with a lot of great information, and it kind of made me wish I had a DSLR *now* so I could go out and find some things outside to practice taking shots of.

Throughout the book there are a lot of gorgeous photos that John has shot over the years – and I can only hope using his tips from this book that some day I can take photos that look half as good as his!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for this review through the blogging for books program.

About the Book

Photography legend John Shaw returns with his much-anticipated guide to digital nature photography, complete with more than 250 extraordinarily beautiful photographs.

For over four decades, John Shaw’s authentic voice and trusted advice has helped photographers achieve impressive shots in the great outdoors. In his first-ever book on digital photography, Shaw provides in-depth advice on everything from equipment and lenses to thorough coverage of digital topics including how to use the histogram. In addition, he offers inspirational and frank insight that goes far beyond the nuts and bolts of photography, explaining that successful photos come from having a vision, practicing, and then acquiring the equipment needed to accomplish the intention. Easily digestible and useful for every type of photographer, and complete with more than 250 jaw-dropping images, John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography is the one book you’ll need to beautifully capture the world around you.

Throwback Thursday – Hanson Hartford, CT 3/10/04


Headliner: Hanson
Opener(s): Ben Jelen
Cost: $25


Rock N Roll Razorblade
Strong Enough to Break
When You’re Gone
Ain’t No Sunshine
Hand in Hand
Crazy Beautiful
Where’s The Love
Song to Sing
I Will Come To You
If Only
You Never Know
Lost Without Each Other



Due to my street teaming I got to meet the guys before the show. Unfortunately they had no one on hand to take a photo of us with the band which didnt seem fair since that was supposed to be a perk of a M&G!  They were filming the M&G for a VH1 special – but I don’t think any footage actually made it to the show.  That made things REALLY awkward because as if we were not nervous enough, there was a camera thrown in to the mix. The highlight of this show was the encore – which was a cover of Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty!  After the show they gave wristbands out to everyone 21+ (not me!) and they got to hang out with the band and film more for the VH1 show that was going to air.  This was my first of 3 shows in a row – it was somehow perfectly timed on my Spring Break that Hanson decided to do a mini tour in my area.



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