Product Review: No-Tie Shoelaces by FastMile

If there’s one thing I hate to deal with in the morning, it’s tying my shoes. Probably because I never bothered to learn how to do it properly so I do “bunny ears” to get the job done.  Now I have No-Tie Shoelaces by FastMile to help me out!

The laces are one size fits all and are 47 inches in length. They are great for children, elderly or those with limited mobility because you don’t need to tie your shoes, just loosen them to take them off and tighten them up again once you have them on. No need to worry about them untying while you are trying to go for a walk or participate in sports or any other time!

The elastic cords distribute the pressure of the laces evenly over your feet and are more comfortable than regular laces. Strong lace locks keep your laces at the perfect tightness that you can adjust. They are also reflective so if you are a runner, you can be visible and safe at night.

The laces come with instructions on how to install. If they are too long once you have them set up and your foot is in the shoe, simply cut the extra off after tying them in a knot.

I am loving how quick it is to slip my shoes on in the morning and make sure they are tight enough with no tying at all!

Tie your shoes in no time with No-Tie Shoelaces by Fast Mile™!

– LIFETIME 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Join thousands of satisfied customers and take advantage of our Lifetime 100% Satisfaction – Money Back Guarantee offer NOW! No hassle, no questions asked.
Never again waste your time tying your shoelaces.


I received a product in exchange for this honest review.

Product Review: Andromo

Since December I’ve been trying to make my own app. I took a class and everything – but when the class was finished I had nothing to show for it because I couldn’t get everything to work on my computer like it was supposed to.  I was defeated, thinking I’d never have a chance to make my own app!

Enter Andromo – it gives you the power to create apps without needing to know anything about coding.

How it works…

Anyone can create an Android app using Andromo! You don’t need any programming knowledge at all. You can create an Android app in three easy steps:

1. Create an Andromo project.

2. Fill out a few simple forms to add features, graphics, content and whatever makes your app unique.

3. Click a button to build your app.

That’s it. The Andromo servers will generate your app and email it directly to you.

For my first app, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to make – but I figured I’d make it simple.  I poked around on the Adromo website for maybe 15 minutes and ended up with an app that when opened, had an icon for a link to my website. When clicked, it opened my website.

TaDa! In less than 15 minutes, I had created my very first app!

The app is emailed to you so you can install it on to your Android Device and try it out.  Should you want to share your app (which I am not at the moment but hopefully in the future I will have something share-worthy!) you can add it to the Google Play store so it can be downloaded by friends, family and everyone else with an Android device.

Andromo is free to sign up and create 1 app and then there are other plans if you’d like to create more apps.


I received a free membership to Andromo in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.



One ConcertKatie reader will receive their own membership to Andromo.  Just leave a comment with your name, email address and why you’d like to be able to make your own app!

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