We eat a lot of pizza in my house and have tried many various pizza cutters over the years.  Most recently we tried out the SH&SH #1 Pizza Cutter.  It is 100% Stainless Steel and sharp for cutting pizza, pie, crust and pastry dough.  It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe – no rust!  The hard rubber handle offers improved control with a comfortable grip, soft grip areas are built into the handle for slip resistance giving excellent grip and balance to help you cut cleanly. It is easy to clean with no effort needed. Wash it with soap and a sponge or toss it in the dishwasher.  It is ergonomically correct, light weight and easy to use when you are pressing down.

We have a split in the house of lefties versus righties and had a split with how much each person liked the cutter.  1 lefty and 1 righty loved it – finding it super easy to use, sharp and allowing for quick clean cuts.  There was no need to want to hold on to the fresh out of the oven pizza stone to get more leverage to get a clean cut on the first try.  The other lefty and righty were not as impressed.  The lefty said it was not made for left handers and the righty said it only worked on the “out” not on the “in” when cutting.  We tried it on pizza and stuffed bread.  Turns out – the two that liked using the cutter are the ones in the family who use it the most – so we’re sticking with their rave reviews!

I received a product in exchange for this honest review.

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