sextbasedSext Based Adventures is about Chris – who makes a female avatar in the World of Warcraft game in an effort to mix things up. He ends up meeting another female, Jessica, and the two hit it off in the game… if you know what I mean.  They end up exchanging emails as well as meeting up each week for WOW and when one email is tagged with a location, Jessica asks Chris (or as she knows him, Christina) if he’d like to meet up.  Chris confesses he is in fact a guy, Chris, not Christina, and Jessica confesses that she is actually Jason!  The two end up meeting up and hitting it off.

This was a short book, only 34 pages, and incredibly realistic since everyone can lie about who they are online.  I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Chris thought he was done with his gaming days. He’d deleted his account, gone back to his day job, and put his fantasy world days behind him… but couldn’t resist the urge to return. This time, however, he decided to play as a woman—a persona he maintains even when he makes friends with Jessica.

When Jessica offers online sex, Chris still cannot bring himself to confess his secret. As their relationship turns serious, still he cannot admit to the ruse. Then Jessica proposes they meet offline, and Chris is finally forced to confront the questions and choices he’s been avoiding…

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