Camp_Mickey_Minnie“Scraplifting” is the term used when you take someone else’s scrapbook idea and “steal” it.  You may scraplift just an element, you may just get an idea from someone else’s page, or maybe you’ll just copy it completely. I have a section on my pinterest dedicated to scrapbook layouts in hopes they will give me inspiration.  This post will focus on 1 layout I “scraplifted”

Mouse Scrappers Camp Mickey Minnie  Credit to Mouse Scrappers ana carol for this layout

While this page was added to my pinterest account when I was looking for Disney ideas and not concert ideas, you just never know when inspiration might strike.  When I went to go through my P!NK concert photos, I had quite a few.  I knew there was no way I’d be able to use ALL the photos I got printed, but I really wanted to try and use as many as I could without going over 2 pages for the show. (Which is still over my typical 1 page unless there is a M&G limit – but that show was just so amazing I let the rule fly out the window)  At first I was going to do 6 photos per page and put the stickers I bought in the squares as well, but then I decided to do the full 18 and put the stickers around the edges. And this is what we have as a result!





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