May 5, 2014

Book Review: Assured Destruction: With Zombies

withzombiesI have to say that I am totally bummed that this is the last Assured Destruction book. I absolutely loved these book and the characters and am sad that it is over! (You can check out my reviews of Books 1 and 2 on the blog)  The book once again follows Janus and everything that she’s got going on in her life.  Right now her mom is in the hospital, she’s still banged up with injuries from the book before this one but is still trying to keep her family business afloat.  She realizes that before her Dad left, he had quite a few more customers than they have now, so she decides to try and get in contact with them to see if they’ll come back so that she can make more money for her family.  Meanwhile, a crazy virus seems to be taking over everywhere, Jan’s network, the school network, all over Ottawa seems to be affected by this Zombie Worm.  The more that Jan digs, the more that she realizes that she might be in trouble.  This of course becomes completely evident when she wakes up to find that the building was set on fire.

Jan ends up in the hospital and insurance thinks that she set fire to the building so they won’t pay.  It is now that Jan realizes who her friends really are, as while she is in the hospital her boyfriend and other friends put together a kickstarter campaign to help build everything up again.  But will it matter if Jan and her mom can’t pay the mortgage for December and January?

I don’t want to say too much more because I really love these books and definitely think you should read them.  The book has a LOT of action it in and I love how it is written with each chapter starting with a Tweet from one of Jan’s personalities. (Or is it?) It’s a pretty quick and easy read (I knocked it out in 2 hours but I’m a bit crazy with reading, if you couldn’t tell by the sheer volume of reviews I post here!) and I know you’ll be sucked in just as much as I am!  I love Jan and if she we real I know for sure we would be BFFs.  (In fact, I put some coding I was frustrated with aside to read this book in hopes that some of Jan’s smarts would rub off on me.  It must have worked because shortly after finishing the book I managed to get the code I was working on to actually work! Hooray! Thanks Jan!)

I received a free e-copy from NetGalley in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book
The final book in the Assured Destruction series! Those requesting this book will receive a followup email with the first two books in the series attached.

Jan Rose may already be expunged from the police department’s High Tech Crime Unit. Her mother’s hospitalized, and Assured Destruction’s on the cusp of bankruptcy. But Jan doesn’t wait on anything, she seeks out the customers who used to keep the family business afloat. That’s when everything starts to go wrong.

A computer virus–aka the Zombie Worm–threatens not only her school and Shadownet, but the entire city. A skull with a chain running through its socket links a powerful gang to her former customers, and holds the secrets to why her father left and the identity of her mother’s boyfriend.

To save her family and the business, Jan must determine who is friend and who is foe. And decide what type of hacker she wishes to become: Gray, white, or black. Not only her life hangs in the balance.

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