Product Review: Bungee Tags


I don’t know about you, but a lot of times I am nervous that I am going to lose one of my personal items.  Especially when I go to shows I could be so distracted that often times I am constantly checking my purse to make sure all my vital items are still in there – keys, camera, wallet, sometimes my Nook or my glasses as well.  The fact is, if I leave them somewhere – how will anyone know that they belong to me to track me down if they find my stuff?  Well, bungee tags has found a solution to that.

Bungee is a virtual lost and found system.  Simply purchase a set of tags from, activate them through text message and then start attaching them to your things.  They come in various sizes and types.  There are thin stickers in 3 shapes – a rectangle, a boomerang shape and a long line (perfect for sticking it to the arm of your reading or sun glasses!) and then there are thicker tags which include a card for your wallet, a card with a hole through it to stick on your keys and then harder stickers in the rectangle, boomerang and line shapes as well.

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