I don’t know about you, but a lot of times I am nervous that I am going to lose one of my personal items.  Especially when I go to shows I could be so distracted that often times I am constantly checking my purse to make sure all my vital items are still in there – keys, camera, wallet, sometimes my Nook or my glasses as well.  The fact is, if I leave them somewhere – how will anyone know that they belong to me to track me down if they find my stuff?  Well, bungee tags has found a solution to that.

Bungee is a virtual lost and found system.  Simply purchase a set of tags from www.bungeetags.com, activate them through text message and then start attaching them to your things.  They come in various sizes and types.  There are thin stickers in 3 shapes – a rectangle, a boomerang shape and a long line (perfect for sticking it to the arm of your reading or sun glasses!) and then there are thicker tags which include a card for your wallet, a card with a hole through it to stick on your keys and then harder stickers in the rectangle, boomerang and line shapes as well.



The system couldn’t be easier to use.  I opened my package and immediately activated my serial number.  I got a text reply back right away that everything was now linked to my phone number (and email address – in the case of a lost phone!)  To try it out I decided to text that I “found” one of my items from my Google Voice number.  Again, immediately I was texted saying that my item had been found (including the person who found its phone number). I was then anonymously put in contact with the finder so that we could work out details on how to get my item back.


Text message activationDSC06588

Email notification of activation


Email received when someone finds your item and texts the number


Text message received when someone finds your item


Texts received by person who found the item.  First is Bungee letting them know the owner was notified.  Next is correspondence with owner anonymously through bungee’s number.

I am happy to let my readers know that I am able to make bungee tags available to you at a discount! Simply use the promo code: MOMSRULE for 50% off any of the coverage plans offered on their website.  (FYI: This makes the 2-year package only $9.50 – a no brainer!)

Of course, the success of this product all depends on if you have a good person finding your stuff and texting the number you stuck on it.  However, I choose to believe that more people are good than bad and if given the opportunity to attempt to return your stuff, they will!

I received a free set of bungee tags in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated and all views are 100% mine.

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