May 11, 2014

Book Review: I Come To You From The Future

futureIf you watched Last Comic Standing, you might be familiar with John Heffron.  While there aren’t many comics I actually enjoy (I’m weird, I guess) John Heffron is one of my favorites.  Recently he was offering up free copies of his book “I Come To Your From the Future: Everything You’ll Need To Know Before You Know It!” in exchange for a review of it on Amazon.  Obviously I jumped at the chance and since it took me so damn long to get around to reading it, I am writing an additional review here at the blog 🙂

While John is a comedian, a lot of his bits include advice so he decided to write a book with some advice.  Serious, yet comical at the same time, it has a lot of great information in it – stuff that you learn from living life but that people don’t really tell you to prepare you beforehand.  You can either read the book straight through or check out the table of contents and find what might speak to you in that particular moment.

The book is only 123 pages and is designed to be read in only one sitting – on the toilet!  I kind of wish I had figured that out before I kept putting off reading it. I’d have gotten around to this review a lot quicker! The book is only $5 for an e-book or $8 for a paperback copy and I think that it would be money well spent. (Says the girl who got it free. But really, that’s cheap for a book that packs so much great information in it!)

Have a laugh, learn a few things from someone who has already lived it.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Hey, One day those condoms in your Pocket will turn to Tums…
During that journey, you might even realize wearing a Shirt with a random number on it, is kinda dumb. A lot of life question and trouble is headed
your way.
Comedian John Heffron and Topher Morrison may have just made your life a lot easier. by giving you the most important insight and tools you never knew you needed. The 2.5% of stuff that actually matters, that will net you the results you really want in life, whether you know it yet or not. It’s not a comprehensive, uber-philosophical treatise on becoming a superior 21st century man. – it’s a quick read (one bathroom trip may be enough) with a lot of answers you are going to need to know in one place.

I Come to You from the Future is all about fast and furious and sometimes funny strategic tips from guys who have been there and done that more times than you can count. My goal is to prepare you to meet your future; so the guy staring back at you in the mirror in 20 years isn’t some middle-aged douche wondering why his life sucks.
As a special “Thank you for buying”, inside there is an amazing bonus of 10 hours of vid that will cover:

* Overcome procrastination and fears that have been holding you back
* Create more CONFIDENCE and ENERGY for your life
* Rekindle the spark in relationships
* Develop and really enjoy a healthy diet/lifestyle
* Get more accomplishment and joy out of life
* Effective communication with your kids – and your parents

Yea this book is that cool. This book wont solve all your problems, honestly, you will have a crap-ton more. You will find a few things in this book that will stick. And that will be perfect.

Go ahead and click on the buy button now; you have wasted a lot more money on dumber stuff then this.

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