Joy in Mudville joins the story 24 hours after Mighty Casey struck out at the plate. But today was a new day and Casey hit a homer and was helping out the team.  But what about the relievers? It was either the noodle arm vet or the rookie.  The manager went with the rookie – Joy.  Not only was she a rookie – she was a GIRL!  The fans booed her and she knew that she would need to prove herself because she knew that she could do well and that girls can excel in sports.

While it seems that she had a different approach to pitching – her first pitch was football style, second tennis and 3rd basketball… and then she threw in a little soccer – it proved that she could be good at any sport!

I love the message here about girls playing ball.  Too many people still seem to think it’s just for guys and that is giving a bad message to young girls.  A great story.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

It had been only twenty-four hours since Mighty Casey struck out, plunging fans of the Mudville team into gloom and despair. But a new game day dawned, and Casey once again proved his might with a homer in the eighth. The Mudville nine took a one-run lead, but in the bottom of the ninth, their hurler walked three straight.

Bases loaded and the starting pitcher spent, the Mudville manager was not bullish about his bullpen. With the game on the line, he called for rookie Joy Armstrong to take the mound. Could she bring joy to Mudville again—and prove that a girl can play ball as well as any boy?

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