Action Item 2-13-13

Wednesday night Action Item brought their Resolution Tour to the Heirloom Arts Theater in Danbury, CT.  Despite the fact that we might be getting snow that night, we all made it to the show.   Then had to find a place to park. I ended up in a 24 hour metered lot with meters that took only quarters and each quarter was 15 minutes.  Somehow I managed to scrounge up 3:15 worth of quarters. (Which is so odd for me because I usually hoard quarters in my bedroom for pressed penny trips!)  Then spent the night watching my watch afraid my car would turn into a pumpkin (or get towed)

There were 5 opening acts and I didn’t really have a problem with any of them except Outasight.  And we missed Brookline Drive, who was playing their last show so I have nothing to say about them.  The first band we saw was Hello Highway, then Paradise Fears, Before You Exit and finally Outasight.  He just seemed to be so out of place and there looked to be only 1 person who was actually enjoying him in the crowd.

Then it was time for Action Item.  Although I ended up sitting for most of their set and couldn’t see all of them (and at times couldn’t see any of them) I really think this was the best performance I’ve seen of them yet.  They just seemed to be ON.

We had VIP tickets for the show which meant that after wards we’d get to meet all the bands.  But at the end of the show they told us to go stand by the stage and then it just kind of became a free for all to mingle with the guys.  We were able to get pics and chat with all the members of Action Item, but it was not organized in the slightest. (I thought we were also supposed to get a signed poster but that didn’t happen!)  We had a lot of ridiculous conversations with the guys (ok, the most ridiculous was with Brian lol) and it was great to see them again because it had been a looong time since I saw them last.

In my head this post was a lot longer, but now that my head is throbbing, you’re not getting much more out of me.  Sorry!

I don’t know how accurate this set list is but…

Good or Bad
When Everything Falls Back Down
Thinking of You / Somewhere Out There
Last Day of Summer
Marching Band
Learn to Fly

Winter Storm Nemo!

Today’s post was supposed to be a review of Wednesday night’s Action Item show.  Unfortunately, on my way home from work when I was going to write it, I got rear ended by some idiot going way too fast and not paying attention, so I instead spent the evening in the hospital being asked the same questions by 500 different people.  I’m home now and ok (just have a major headache from it hitting the head rest of my seat) but haven’t had much time to write the review!  So, when it is ready it will be posted and for now…

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