Idol Thoghts: Vegas

This week Idol did a new round – sudden death – 10 contestants will sing,  will go home immediately until we get to the Top 20 and then America will vote.  A little bit confusing since it is new, but we’ll see how it goes!  (I’ve also heard it called the longest sudden death EVER since it will be 4 episodes over 2 weeks!)

Contestant can choose any song they want in any genre for this round.  And here we go!

Jenny – I liked her dress but I wasn’t sure that her vocals were really that strong. I guess we’ll see how the rest go.  (And big shocker but I kind of agreed with Nicki – and I haven’t been digging Nicki as a judge)

Tina – I don’t know that I liked the song choice but I liked her singing.

Adriana – Best one so far!

Brandy – A decent performance but nothing too amazing.

Shubha – I was hoping for a more up beat song from someone tonight but this was not what I was hoping for.

Karmaria – Something was off about this performance.

Kree – I like kree, the performance didnt blow me away but I dont think its bad enough for her to go home.

Angela – Another great performance. I think she is one of my favorites.

Isabelle – Another good performance! (I sound like a broken record)

Amber – And another one! Wow, how am I going to pick the 5 to go home? (A few are obvious… the rest, not so much!)

I’d say Jenny, Shubha, Karmaria, Brandy, Tina should go home.  (That was not as easy as I thought it would be when the show started!)

The judges were unanimous with their decision and made the following decision:
Staying – Tina, Kree, Angela, Amber, Adriana
Going –  Jenny, Brandy, Isabelle, Karmaria, Shubha

4/5, Not too shabby!

Thursday night it was time for the boys! Same rules apply.

Paul – Not great, not a good song choice I dont think.

Johnny – ok so maybe im a little biased but i loved it.

Jda – I really enjoy the more up beat songs. This was a great and entertaining performance!

Kevin – Some parts seemed off in this song, but when it was good it was good.

Chris – This started off good but I think it lost steam. Maybe not enough to send him home though.

Devin – I’m torn on this performance. Parts of it just seemed off and like he couldn’t end words but then other parts were just amazing.

Elijah – Id say this was another middle ground performance. Not sure if it’s good enough to stay.

Charlie – I think his nerves took over at points (you could even see him shaking) and it just was not good.

Jimmy – I wasnt really impressed with this performance

Curtis -Great performance to end the night

My picks for who is going home: Paul, Kevin, Elijah, Charlie, Jimmy

The judges decision was as follows (with 1 split decision)
Staying – Curtis, Elijah, Paul, Charlie, Devin
Going –  Jimmy, Kevin, Jda, Chris, Johnny

SERIOUSLY????  2/5 AND MY FAVORITE IS GONE?  I am going to have to think long and hard if i am going to continue watching this season.  Nicki makes it an unpleasant experience and with no favorite… I don’t know.



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