Get Glue Stickers

It has been quite some time since I posted any Get Glue stickers. Not because I didn’t want to – but because I wasn’t getting any!  I was requesting monthly, but everything was either getting lost in the mail or never sent to begin with.  To my surprise in January I did end up getting a sheet of stickers.  Of course from my super old account so these are all over a year old I am pretty sure (or maybe more!)

I did stop requesting for a while, but now that these turned up maybe I’ll try to pay more attention and get more stickers and try requesting them again.

2011 Golden Globe Awards
Storage War$
MFL Gameday Final
Game Day Morning
Being Human
Gold Rush’s Jimmy
Live CoCo Cam
Making Stuff Stronger
NFL Network
Jersey Shore
Piers Morgan Tonight
Piers Morgan Tonight Premiere Week
Royal Pains Winter Premiere
The Dilemma
The Green Hornet
NFL Total Access
White Collar Winter Premiere

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