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Music Monday: Action Item Great Mission:LOVE


Numbered Days
Way Back Home

After assuming that Action Item had fallen off the face of the earth… SURPRISE! Recently I woke up and saw that I had part 2 of their album Great Mission in my email inbox. The band had funded this album, which would be released in parts, through an indiegogo campaign and then seemed to disappear. They had said they’d be touring more with each of the parts, but I have not seen them in over a year because they just haven’t been touring and have been working on side projects, school, etc. Obviously I have no problem with them getting an education (you need something to fall back on if the band does not work out) but it was kind of crazy how we had heard nothing from anyone except for a few twitter rants from the drummer, Dan.

So anyway – this album showing up was a bit of a surprise. I’m not sure how they threw it together but it is a bit different than the first part which I liked much more and the direction that I thought their music was going in to.  The first track is completely instrumental which was weird, but considering I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of Brian’s singing… it was ok with me. (And the last time I saw them live their opening act was completely instrumental so I wonder if that’s where they got the idea?)

The album is available on iTunes if you’re interested… but I wouldn’t get too invested in the band because I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a breakup coming soon.


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Action Item @ Club 939

Sunday night, Action Item came to Boston, MA’s Club 939 for an intimate and special performance.  The band is currently on a ‘great mission’ in order to fund their first full length album.  They are soliciting donations through indiegogo to create 3 EPs which when put together will be one full length album they are calling Great Mission. They have recently reached the halfway point of their goal and are currently just under $5,000 away from their entire goal of $25,000 and have just a couple of weeks left to try and get there.

To help promote their mission, they decided to do a few intimate concerts (I believe they are doing 4) to premiere some of the new music that may or may not make the album and talk a bit about their songs in between performing to make things a bit different for their fans.  They did a 10 song set in Boston with 4 of them being new songs. I did record one of the songs but at the request of the band, I will not be posting it.  (Maybe I can after it is released – we will see!) After the show the guys made an effort to try to talk to everyone in attendance to catch up and get their feedback on the songs.  I have to say, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the new stuff but I love it.  They did mention that the versions may not necessarily be the final versions but I think if they continue on the path that these 4 songs are going down that it will be a great first part of the album!

It was a lot of fun to be a part of such an intimate show that will hopefully be the start of something great!  (It helped that the other songs they did in their set were pretty much all of my favorites of theirs!)




Marching Band
The Start of Something
Last Day of Summer
We’ll Be Fine
Somewhere Out There
The Answer
The Scientist (Coldplay Cover)
Good or Bad


Check out the band’s fundraiser at IndiGoGo

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Action Item Dunkin Donuts Music Lounge

Monday Action Item visited the Kiss 95.7 Dunkin Donuts Music Lounge for a performance and Q&A session that was also broadcast on the internet. I was lucky enough to be 1 of 15 to win passes, although I don’t think even half the winners ended up showing up.  Oh well, they missed out on a good time!

We were brought into the lounge where the guys played 3 songs – Marching Band, Learn To Fly and Brave.  Then they did some Q&A which at times they had me cracking up.  Though only Brian and Anthony had mics, they did let Dan answer one of the questions – although Anthony had prefaced it with saying Dan doesn’t get a mic because once he starts talking he doesn’t stop.  He talked a bit about how they met up with Drake Bell and ended up crashing at his house in LA for a couple of weeks.  Of course, it ended  with Anthony confirming that is why Dan doesn’t get a mic.  They joked around a lot and I was cracking up for most of it. The things these guys come up with to say is just nuts.

After all that – we were taken in the hall to do photos with the band.  It is always great to see the guys and I was glad I was able to win my way in since I had missed Warped Tour!


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Macy’s 2013 Prom Fashion Show

Yesterday afternoon we hit up the Macy’s at West Farms mall for their 2013 Prom fashion show.  No, I haven’t gone back to high school, Action Item was going to be performing at the event. (Makes sense now, right? My prom was 11 years ago!)

We waited in line to make sure that we could get good seats for the fashion show and the performance.  Our “good seats” ended up second row but right next to the underwear! The fashion show was hosted by Mandi Line, who is the stylist for my (current) favorite TV show – Pretty Little Liars!  She was really cool and fun and some of the dresses and shoes she would mention that Hanna would like the shoes or the dress would be something she could see Spencer wearing which put a nice touch on everything.

Then it was time for Action Item.  They did 3 songs – Brave, Marching Band and Bad For You.  During the last song the models came back out to the runway to show off the dresses on last time.

After their set, Mandi was doing a shopping spree with a lucky winner and hanging around for photos.  We opted to just get in line for the Action Item signing, which went pretty quickly.  It was nice to see all the guys again, even if it was really weird for them to be at Christine’s mall – which we go to every now and then (well, Christine is there much more often.)  Although, it would be cooler if the next time there was a show at the mall it was at MY mall 5 minutes from my house. 😉

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Action Item 2-13-13

Wednesday night Action Item brought their Resolution Tour to the Heirloom Arts Theater in Danbury, CT.  Despite the fact that we might be getting snow that night, we all made it to the show.   Then had to find a place to park. I ended up in a 24 hour metered lot with meters that took only quarters and each quarter was 15 minutes.  Somehow I managed to scrounge up 3:15 worth of quarters. (Which is so odd for me because I usually hoard quarters in my bedroom for pressed penny trips!)  Then spent the night watching my watch afraid my car would turn into a pumpkin (or get towed)

There were 5 opening acts and I didn’t really have a problem with any of them except Outasight.  And we missed Brookline Drive, who was playing their last show so I have nothing to say about them.  The first band we saw was Hello Highway, then Paradise Fears, Before You Exit and finally Outasight.  He just seemed to be so out of place and there looked to be only 1 person who was actually enjoying him in the crowd.

Then it was time for Action Item.  Although I ended up sitting for most of their set and couldn’t see all of them (and at times couldn’t see any of them) I really think this was the best performance I’ve seen of them yet.  They just seemed to be ON.

We had VIP tickets for the show which meant that after wards we’d get to meet all the bands.  But at the end of the show they told us to go stand by the stage and then it just kind of became a free for all to mingle with the guys.  We were able to get pics and chat with all the members of Action Item, but it was not organized in the slightest. (I thought we were also supposed to get a signed poster but that didn’t happen!)  We had a lot of ridiculous conversations with the guys (ok, the most ridiculous was with Brian lol) and it was great to see them again because it had been a looong time since I saw them last.

In my head this post was a lot longer, but now that my head is throbbing, you’re not getting much more out of me.  Sorry!

I don’t know how accurate this set list is but…

Good or Bad
When Everything Falls Back Down
Thinking of You / Somewhere Out There
Last Day of Summer
Marching Band
Learn to Fly

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Bamboozle 2012

There have been a couple of Bamboozle’s in the past I have wanted to attend but never did simply because I thought going would be too much for me.  However, this year Action Item was playing and the girls agreed to push me in the wheelchair so that I wouldn’t be tripping all over the Asbury Park boardwalk all day.

There was a bit of confusion trying to find where we should be parking – the Bamboozle website kept saying additional handicapped information would be coming – but Sunday was the last day of the festival and nothing was ever added.  We parked at the Monmouth Race Track and took a $10 shuttle to the festival – there were coach bushes so they had no trouble storing the wheelchair underneath.

When we got to the area to scan our bracelets, none of the walkways were big enough for a wheelchair and it almost seemed like we were the first one to attempt to go through in a wheelchair (which couldn’t have been the case because I saw 3 or 4 others in wheelchairs once we did get in – but from the reaction of the staff it seemed like they hadn’t had to deal with any before)

Kicking Daisies were already on at the Paramount Stage and since it was right across the way from the Temple of Boozle stage where Action Item was, we figured we’d check them out since the girls had left and were replaced by 2 guys.  It seems like the guys were going over pretty well with the other girls in the crowd, but my group all agreed that we prefered the group with Caitlin and Carly.

After Kicking Daisies set we went across the way to Temple of Boozle and Ashland High was performing. This is Trace Cyrus’ (Miley’s brother) new band. I was not all that impressed with him and I don’t think it was simply because I was excited to see Action Item.

Then it was finally time for Action Item. They started their set with the new song Marching Band – with an actual marchin band backing them. It was pretty awesome. I kind of started kicking myself at this point that I didn’t bring my good camera – but I wrongly assumed the stages would be outside and I wouldn’t have to worry about it being dark. That’s what I get for not properly doing my research!  This room was also apparently not equipped with an ADA area so there was no decent viewing area from the wheelchair. I just kept rolling further and further back to be able to see them all.  The set was short, but it was good!

After the set we headed over by the merch table and Brian and Anthony came by and we got to chat and take photos. At this point we werent sure if we would stick around for the signing because it was not until 7:30 – but we ultimately decided we might as well stay.

We wandered around a bit outside on the boardwalk – and it was FREEZING. I ended up buying a Bamboozle shirt to put over my tank top and Kerri bought a hoodie – she was also in a tank top.  The temperature dropped like 20 degrees from when we got there to this point – it was nuts.

There were skydivers coming in on the beach and a few stages outside.  We went back inside to try and warm up (but it didnt really work) and then went to get a bite to eat.  $3 per chicken tender. Gotta love it.  Then we decided we might as well just get in the Action Item signing line because the quicker we got through the line the quicker we could get home.  We heard Gaslight Anthem’s set and Brand New’s while we were waiting – they were on the main stage.  There was also a sinner stage nearby but we couldn’t quite make out who was performing.

Finally it was 7:30 and time to meet Action Item.  Mark was up first, then Dan, Brian, Anthony and David.  Dan was talking to me a bit about what bands we saw and if I liked Brand New (I wasn’t really paying attention enough to their set) and then David talked to me about why I was in the wheelchair and we said we were having some trouble with it on the sand so he said that if he knew how to make things hover he would do it so we wouldn’t have so much trouble. haha. How sweet.  Then Anthony ended up spilling his red bull all over himself and the table and David just kind of sat there rolling his eyes and the line got held up to clean the table up so the girls got to chat with the guys for a bit longer than we should have – but you have to take advantage of those kinds of things!

Then our shuttle driver had NO idea how to get us pack to the parking lot we were in. I’m not sure how these drivers had NO clue where they were going (the guy there didn’t either) yet it was the 3rd day of the festival.  Did they all just do the route once and then they were done for the weekend? You’d think at the very least they’d all get print outs with the best directions there and back!

Overall, despite it being FREEZING cold towards the end – it was a good time and we can definitely consider it a success (except for the fact that we didn’t ask Action Item when they were touring again so we don’t know when the next time we will see them is!)

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Action Item to play Denver Outlaws Preshow

I just got word about an awesome Action Item show that is going to be happening on Saturday June 2.  Unfortunately for me, it is in Denver – but I thought I would post about it anyway for those of you who may live in the area. (And if you’re not sure you like Action Item – it is definitely a great opportunity to see what they are all about if you are in the Denver area!)

The concert is free with your admission to the Denver Outlaws lacrosse game and tickets start at just $10!

Here’s all the details:

Who: Action Item at the Denver Outlaws vs Chesapeake Bayhawks Lacrosse game preshow
What: Performing a pre-show concert!
Where: Sport Authority Field at Mile High Denver, CO
When: Saturday June 2 at 5pm MDT

And here is the press release with more information about VIP tickets to meet the band!

Action Item to Perform Free Concert

DENVER – The band, Action Item, will hold a concert in the South Stands of Sports Authority Field at Mile High prior to the Denver Outlaws’ June 2 game against the Chesapeake Bayhawks the team and band announced on Tuesday.

“We’re truly honored to be a part of this special event,” Action Item guitarist Anthony Li said. “It’s an incredible opportunity to play at a lacrosse game in the city we love at the stadium of some of our favorite sport teams. We can’t wait to build up excitement with a great pregame show.”

Action Item, based out of New Jersey, released its first album titled The World And I in 2008. The group consists of Li, Brian Cag, Mark Shami, Dave Buczkowski and Dan Brozek.

The show will begin at 5 p.m. MDT and VIP concert seating is available, which includes a meet-and-greet with the band and a ticket to the Outlaws’ game vs. Chesapeake for $35. For more information, visit

Tickets are available via Ticketmaster or by calling 303-OUTLAWS.

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Ariana Grande and Action Item at Irving Plaza

To finish out the year, we headed to Irving Plaza to check out Action Item opening for Ariana Grande.  We actually didn’t know much about Ariana other than she is on a show on Nick.

Action Item went on at about 7pm and did 5 songs – Somewhere Out There, Learn To Fly, Without You, Defenseless, and When Everything Falls Back Down.  They had announced they’d be by merch to hang out and meet everyone, so we headed downstairs.  Somehow we ended up right by where they were all coming in and were able to say hey to Anthony, Mark and Brian.  When it was time for Ariana’s set, they went upstairs to check her out and said they’d be back again after.

We also decided to go check out Ariana’s set and stayed for 5 songs.  (Her dancers did a dance to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and she did Last Dance as her last song according to Popstar Magazine’s recap!) She started her set with Only Girl in the World and then said she liked old movies.  I was kind of like “let’s see what she says is an old movie” but mentioned Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and ended up singing Where The Boys Are.  It was pretty exciting that someone so young meant the same kind of old I do when I say it 😉  She did a really good rendition as well, I thought she had a really great voice.  She did an original song next, called Honeymoon Avenue.  It had a 50/60s feel to it, I thought, but with a bit of a modern twist.  She also brought a fan on stage for a picture at some point.  She wished everyone a Merry Christmas and did “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and we ended up leaving while she was still performing “Put Your Hearts Up” to try and catch an early train.

Overall it was a good show, but I found it a bit odd that the guy at the door said we had to make handicapped reservations ahead of time because they already had the chairs counted.  Granted it was a sold out show – but what if it wasn’t and we just decided to buy tickets that day?  Fortunately he let us in early so we were able to snag my favorite spot at the venue.  The last time I DID contact in advance to arrange it, they said to just ask at the door and then they put me all the way in the far back corner – so you can see why I was hesitant to ask this time! I didn’t want to be in the corner again!

It was a fun way to end the year and hopefully the shows I have planned for 2012 already will be fun and I can’t wait to see what else is still yet to come!

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Action Item

Sunday night we decided to check out Action Item’s final show of the Stronger The Love Tour in Sayreville, NJ.  New Jersey is where the band is from so we figured it would be nice to see them at their hometown show. Little did we know that it was a bit more of a marathon than a show!  Doors were at 3:30, so we thought we’d be leaving by 8pm to head home (mostly the reason why we opted to go – it was an early show) but we were WRONG.  Band after band was taking the stage…

But before I talk about the stage – let’s go back to the beginning.  We stopped at Dunkin Donuts to pick up some food and use the restroom and while we were there – Forrest from Burnham was in line buying stuff!  We didn’t end up saying anything to him though.   Then once we parked, the guy doing parking said we weren’t close enough and told us to park even closer to the car in front of us.  Then the MOM in the car wanted to get in the trunk, so I backed up for her (keep in mind she was lucky we were still in the car!) and then she told me not to pull back so close the next time, instead of thanking me for moving back for her!   EXCUSE ME? You may be a Mom, but you are not MY mom (thank god) and I only did what I was told by the parking guys. In fact, I had parked farther away before the guy instructed me to go closer! 😛 (sorry, had to vent)

Finally doors opened and the guards offered a seat to a girl in front of us who had a full leg brace on (and a mini skirt.)  When she refused a seat, we asked if I could have one and they said no – because the other girl had on a full leg brace.  And I was like “So? My brace goes up to here” and pointed on my leg where it went to. And they seemed confused (sorry, I had on PANTS and not a Mini Skirt.  It is November after all) and then we told them I had CP and then they were like “OH! Do you need help with stairs? We can take you inside”  Uh, really? How about giving us the time of day the FIRST time we ask for help. Or just been like “Why do you ladies need chairs?” rather than making it seem like I was not as important because I didn’t have a full leg brace on and was wearing pants.  (Sorry this review is more me ranting than anything else!)

We got inside and about 4pm the first band took the stage – The Call Out.  They were local from New Jersey.  Next up was Reverse Order. They were kind of cute but probably much too young for me (the theme of the evening lol).  Up next was Hollywood Ending, which was kind of confusing because last month they were on later in the show… but what the heck do I know.  Next up was my hometown favorites, Kicking Daisies.  Then Memphis High and Megan and Liz…. (we had no idea Memphis High would be there. Not that we knew about the first 2 bands either!) And we were hoping at this point there would be an end in site with Burnham hopefully taking the stage next!

Before Burnham came on stage, Duran from Kicking Daisies asked if he could sit with us, so of course we said yes.  He got mobbed for a bit but then he and Ben sat with us in the handicapped section for Burnham’s set! We got pics with them too. That was pretty neat.  We also decided it is damn near impossible to get a photo of Forrest because the kid never stands still! I managed to get a couple of halfway decent ones… Not sure how but I guess if you take enough pictures eventually one is bound to come out alright.

Then it was finally time for Action Item!  The gap between them and Burnham seemed ridiculous, but I don’t know if it was because we were anxious to get on the road home or if it really was that long.  The setlist was the same as the show in CT and we were expecting some pranks, but nothing ended up happening – although a couple of fans gave out hearts to everyone in line and instructed us to hold them up during the song Home – which was of course written about being in New Jersey.  A couple hearts did appear in the crowd a bit early – but there were TONS in the crowd once they started the song.  It was really cool to see.  The guys seemed to be choked up as well (though I was kind of hoping for a full on cry haha) and Anthony took a photo of the crowd with the hearts.

We ended up leaving right after the encore and didn’t bother to stay for the after show meet and greet, but then we had a fun time spending nearly 10 minutes trying to get my car out of the parking spot!  The car next to me parked crooked and there wasn’t enough room for me to back up and cut the turn to not hit the car on the other side of me… so Christine had to get out and direct me to move and finally we got out – I was kind of scared we’d be stuck there forever… and we had a bit of an audience too. I hope they enjoyed my driving skills.


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Action Item The Stronger The Love Tour

Friday night, my friends and I went to see Action Item at The Space in Hamden, VIP style. Only 25 VIP tickets were available for each show and included dinner with the band before the show! Unfortunately, on the way to the show I was in a car accident, but I’ll expand on that in tomorrow’s post!

I got to VIP a bit late, but they were doing group photos when I got there so I hadn’t missed much.  There was pizza to eat and soda and then Anthony and Brian did an acoustic set of 3 songs.  Then the guys all mingled with everyone and took photos and chatted.

At 6pm doors opened and at 6:30 the first band was on – Voted Most Random.  They aren’t technically on The Stronger The Love tour but were added I think by the space.  I wasn’t too impressed with them – especially since they enjoyed spitting water on the crowd.  Maybe I am just getting old, but I found it disgusting.

The next band up was Hollywood Ending.  They are up for Radio Disney’s next big thing, and I enjoyed their set.  They also announced they were going to do a cover and my friend said “please don’t let it be Katy Perry” (As voted most random did a kesha cover and if there is one thing we dislike more than kesha and katy perry it is bands covering kesha and katy perry) and it turned out that they did the Jonas Brothers Year 3000!

Days Difference was up next – I had seen them once before.  The music was SO LOUD for the set I could barely hear the lead singer so I can’t really say much.  We we right by the speaker all night and my ear plugs have been missing for quite some time now so I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my ears do eventually stop buzzing!

Next up was Burnham, the brother band from Vermont who I do enjoy.  Unfortunately, the mic was still not very loud and I couldn’t make out most of what they were singing!  They did do a cover of Bruno Mars’ The Lazy Song (edited, of course!)

Then finally it was time for Action Item!  This is their first headlining tour and Connecticut was their first SOLD OUT show! (in fact, it was oversold by 20 tickets) The lighting absolutely stunk in the venue so pictures all had to be edited and even still aren’t that great.  The show was very high energy and a lot of fun – it was nice to see them in a headlining situation after having seen them open for Honor Society twice a couple of months back.

After the show all the bands were hanging out to sign and take photos – but I had to get home to call the insurance to get the claim rolling on my car damage!

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