Friday night, my friends and I went to see Action Item at The Space in Hamden, VIP style. Only 25 VIP tickets were available for each show and included dinner with the band before the show! Unfortunately, on the way to the show I was in a car accident, but I’ll expand on that in tomorrow’s post!
I got to VIP a bit late, but they were doing group photos when I got there so I hadn’t missed much.  There was pizza to eat and soda and then Anthony and Brian did an acoustic set of 3 songs.  Then the guys all mingled with everyone and took photos and chatted.

At 6pm doors opened and at 6:30 the first band was on – Voted Most Random.  They aren’t technically on The Stronger The Love tour but were added I think by the space.  I wasn’t too impressed with them – especially since they enjoyed spitting water on the crowd.  Maybe I am just getting old, but I found it disgusting.

The next band up was Hollywood Ending.  They are up for Radio Disney’s next big thing, and I enjoyed their set.  They also announced they were going to do a cover and my friend said “please don’t let it be Katy Perry” (As voted most random did a kesha cover and if there is one thing we dislike more than kesha and katy perry it is bands covering kesha and katy perry) and it turned out that they did the Jonas Brothers Year 3000!

Days Difference was up next – I had seen them once before.  The music was SO LOUD for the set I could barely hear the lead singer so I can’t really say much.  We we right by the speaker all night and my ear plugs have been missing for quite some time now so I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my ears do eventually stop buzzing!

Next up was Burnham, the brother band from Vermont who I do enjoy.  Unfortunately, the mic was still not very loud and I couldn’t make out most of what they were singing!  They did do a cover of Bruno Mars’ The Lazy Song (edited, of course!)

Then finally it was time for Action Item!  This is their first headlining tour and Connecticut was their first SOLD OUT show! (in fact, it was oversold by 20 tickets) The lighting absolutely stunk in the venue so pictures all had to be edited and even still aren’t that great.  The show was very high energy and a lot of fun – it was nice to see them in a headlining situation after having seen them open for Honor Society twice a couple of months back.

After the show all the bands were hanging out to sign and take photos – but I had to get home to call the insurance to get the claim rolling on my car damage!

Farther the Distance
Learn To Fly
Collide / When Everything Falls Back Down
Break Even / Some Days
Dress For the Weather
Without You
Boy With The Microphone / A Way With Words
Somewhere Out There

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