In New York City, Hanson did something a little bit different with their musical ride tour. Before the show, they did an event called “The Story” for members of their fanclub. During “The Story” they told the making of one of their albums. This was done at 3 stops previously so the album that we got to hear the story of was 2007’s The Walk.

For about 45 minutes  the band discussed the process of writing songs, how several of them had existed for quite some time before finally “fitting” on an album with the other songs. (Although they started with talking about Coldplay, Fiona Apple and and Alanis Morissette and album and song titles being long and made up)

Most interesting was the band discussing their trip to Africa and the song Been there Before. There’s a line “does it move you, does it sooth you, fill your heart and soul with the roots of rock and roll” and they had an African choir singing “rock and roll, rock and roll” in the background.  Isaac explained how the kids just really  wanted to sing the rock and roll part over and over, and how it was moving because the roots of rock and roll are in Africa since it can be traced back to gospel sung by the slaves in the south who had come from Africa. And how realizing that was really inspiring.

After the discussion they took a few questions and answered them and then it was time for doors to open at 7pm.

Charlie Mars took the stage at 8:30! And did a few different songs than he had done the previously 2 times I saw him. (And I realized that my name is in not one, but TWO of his songs!)

We were worried with Charlie starting so late that Hanson would in turn start late as well, but they came out at about 9:30.  The opening of the show was the same as the past few – starting with Musical Ride, going in to Waiting For This, Where’s The Love, Thinking Bout Somethin… etc.   Then it was time to go in to the album for the night – The Walk.  They missed playing “Your Illusion” but did all the others in almost the same order as the CD which was interesting.

For the acoustic set they did Go, Carry You There and then Zac did his solo song, The Walk – which had actually debuted on their tours in 2003 (we fans called it “Tightrope” originally) and it ended up being the title track from the next  album they released.

During If Only they did a bit of “Let’s Get It On”, which of course I could not enjoy because Taylor made his “if you can stand you can jump” comment again, which just put me in a rotten mood because I can’t. (And I’m thinking I am going to send Zac a message about it because I go to these shows to not worry about anything and then I am getting upset that I’m disabled and that should not be how it goes!)

They also jumped off the drumset at the end and I got an awesome shot since we were right in the center of the seats in the back!  Looks like I’m going to be busy making a new layout for my Hanson blog very soon. (Or not so very soon as my weekends are getting more and more booked as the days go by – and weeknights too!)

Setlist under the cut!

Musical Ride
Waiting For This
Where’s the Love
Thinking Bout Somethin
And I Waited
Great Divide
Been There Before
Running Man
Watch over me
Fire On The Mountain
One More

Go (acoustic)
Carry You There (acoustic)
The walk (zac solo)

Blue Sky
Tearing It Down
Minute Without You
Penny and Me
Give a Little
If Only / Let’s Get It On

Something Going Round
Voice In The Chorus



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