Sunday night it was time for the second show of Hanson’s Musical Ride tour that I’d be attending. The winning album for this show was the band’s 2nd album – This Time Around.  Siobhan Magnus from American Idol was also in attendance.  I was hoping maybe the guys would pull her on stage for a song, but they didn’t.

We opted to take the T in to Boston rather than driving in and parking near the venue.  This meant that we had to catch a train before the last train at 12:35 so “I’m a pumpkin!” was often mentioned throughout the evening.

When we arrived, we asked about ADA seating and were told just to let them know when we got through the line.  Since that made me a bit nervous, my friend Maribeth called and got us on an “ADA List” and we were told we needed to be back at 6:45 for doors.  We were some of the first people in to the venue and we quickly realized that the ADA section they had roped off had a really bad view – mainly because there were HUGE speakers hanging down that would completely block everything.  We were told that we couldn’t move a chair outside the roped section and I was kind of panicking, but then we were moved up to the balcony. All by ourselves!  By the time the show started we had 6 others up there with us, but it was really cool to be in an area and not need to worry about balancing (we had seats), people’s heads or hands being in the way of photos or anything like that!

Charlie Mars was once again the opener.  I will give him credit for not playing his set in the same order as the previous night, but his stories were all pretty much the same as the night before.

Then finally Hanson took the stage.  They did all the songs of This Time Around (which you’d think would be expected since they said theyd be playing each of the winning albums in their entirety, but they have been skipping a song or two here and there) as well as their singles and some other album songs.  When it came time for the encore, I wasn’t sure what they would be doing since they had played all of the album in the regular set.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when they came out and did a cover of Weezer’s “Troublemaker”!  I love getting to hear new songs live from Hanson and with 5 of 5 last year I am pretty much at a standstill with album songs  – but covers are always welcome!

Boston was marked as my 50th time hearing “MMMBop” live (they play it at every tour stop but they don’t do it at every radio performance which is why there is the 13 shows I have not heard it at) and Troublemaker became my 150th different Hanson song I had heard live. (I think I’ve heard over 1,000 songs from them total – but obviously that is many repeats!)

Boston’s limited poster featured a picture of all 3 guys, so I opted to buy another one.  Then I left in in the restroom.  As I realized it and went back to the stall, a girl was coming out with it and gave it to me.  Thank goodness she was honest and didn’t try to pass it off as her own! (Although I would have known it was mine by the hairband I used as the rubberband)  Nice to know that there are still nice people out there 🙂

Musical Ride
Waiting For This
Where’s The Love
Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’
You Never Know
Can’t Stop
If Only
Runaway Run
Love Song
Save Me
Wish That I Was There
Penny and Me
Song to Sing
Hand In Hand
This Time Around
Dying To Be Alive
Look At You
Minute Without You
Give A Little
Lost Without Each Other
In The City
Troublemaker (Weezer Cover)
Get Up and Go

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