Yesterday afternoon we hit up the Macy’s at West Farms mall for their 2013 Prom fashion show.  No, I haven’t gone back to high school, Action Item was going to be performing at the event. (Makes sense now, right? My prom was 11 years ago!)

We waited in line to make sure that we could get good seats for the fashion show and the performance.  Our “good seats” ended up second row but right next to the underwear! The fashion show was hosted by Mandi Line, who is the stylist for my (current) favorite TV show – Pretty Little Liars!  She was really cool and fun and some of the dresses and shoes she would mention would be something she could see Spencer wearing which put a nice touch on everything.

Then it was time for Action Item.  They did 3 songs – Brave, Marching Band and Bad For You.  During the last song the models came back out to the runway to show off the dresses on last time.

After their set, Mandi was doing a shopping spree with a lucky winner and hanging around for photos.  We opted to just get in line for the Action Item signing, which went pretty quickly.  It was nice to see all the guys again, even if it was really weird for them to be at Christine’s mall – which we go to every now and then (well, Christine is there much more often.)  Although, it would be cooler if the next time there was a show at the mall it was at MY mall 5 minutes from my house. 😉

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