The Voice top 8 performed on Monday night.  If there are only 8 performers and you have enough time to have a coach perform with 50 cent – MAYBE it is time to cut the show down to an hour. MAYBE… Seriously, this show is SO drawn out I really don’t even know why I bother watching it live any more! I could be done with the performances in like 15 minutes if I watched it from a recording.

Amanda – Someone Like You – They need to stop trying to get her to repeat dream on.  I don’t think she ever will. But she still does AMAZING week after week and they should focus more on that!

Cody – Somebody to Love – I think it was a good performance but he’s no Freddy.

Terry – Over – I’m not sure this was the right choice for him. It was hard to understand a lot of the lyrics. But the chorus was great!

Melanie – Too Close – Have I mentioned this show is dragging? I think I fell asleep during Melanie’s performance.  Woke up at the end and it sounded ok.  And did Carson make her cry?

I can’t wait for 6 people to sing over 2 hours… yawn…

Dez – You Smile – Honestly the only one that kept my attention all night.  But the beginning seemed like Christina is trying to turn him into her with all the adlibbing!

Trevin – Greatest Love Of All – Great performance. Not screechy! I was a bit nervous when they said he’d be doing Whitney!

Nicholas – What’s Going On – Another great performance from Nicholas.

Cassadee – Are You Happy Now? – Strong performance but I still don’t like her!


Going home – Cody and Trevin. (Actually I really have no idea. Tough week!)

Safe- Cassadee

Safe – Amanda

Safe – Melanie

(can they drag this out ANY MORE?)

Safe – Nicholas

Trevin, Cody, Dez and Terry await their fate!

Safe – Terry

Safe – Trevin

I got really excited there that it may have been my first week of picking it out right… but nope! Cody and Dez went home so I was half right.

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