This week I tried things a little bit different. I started watching the show at 9:44 so that I had the option to fast forward through everything that was not really needed for me to watch!

Nicholas – September – Great way to kick off the night. I don’t think that Nicholas can sing anything badly.

Cassadee – Stand – Great performance from Cassadee. Still don’t like her though.

Amanda – Natural Woman – Another fantastic Amanda performance. It is going to be so, so hard to pick who goes home tonight!

Terry – I Want To Know What Love Is – Sounds like everyone is in it to win it tonight! Wow.

Trevin – Walking on Sunshine – Definitely an interesting song choice and a good performance.

Melanie – Crazy – Wow. One of CeeLo’s songs (Except not really. Gnarls Barkley lol)  Still not a fan of her but everyone else seems to be so once again.. who will be going home?

Then everyone sang a second song. (Just when I thought I had watched it all in 35 minutes!)

Terry – Stay With Me – This recap is pretty boring… everyone is good! What else is there to say?

Trevin – And I Am Telling You – Eek a screechy song. Not impressed.

Amanda – Here I Go Again – Another great performance.

Melanie – The Show  – What the hell was that?

Cassadee – I’m With You – Ugh. No comment.

Nicholas – Somewhere Over The Rainbow – He. Is. Too. Good.


If I had my way – Melanie and Trevin would be going home.  That’s not how it is going to go though.  But I can’t figure out how it is going to go.  Terry and Amanda maybe?

Results time!

The first America saved was TERRY! So… there goes my prediction. Yet again.

The second safe is Trevin!

Wouldn’t it be funny if the 4 I picked to go home actually end up the top 4? (Not likely though. But you never know!)

The next safe contestant is… Cassadee.

The first person going home is Melanie! (Hey I had 1 right.)

Nicholas is saved by america and we say goodbye to Amanda.

Very interesting final 4…  It could be anyone’s to win.

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