Friday night One Direction performed once again at the Mohegan Sun Arena.  They keep calling these shows “Warm Up” shows for the big event at Madison Square Garden, which is almost a bit offensive because I couldn’t get tickets to the MSG show to save my life and it seems as though these shows aren’t quite as important to them.  But, anyway…

Every time I go to one of these shows (especially alone) before doors open I wonder why I torture myself in these insane crowds of people who just appeared on Earth the night before.  (Is this a line for the doors? Do we have to wait for them to open? My phone has a camera on it can I not bring it in?)

The night was also special for me because I was trying out a new smaller concert camera.  It only has 20x zoom compared to my old 35x but I think that it did quite well.

The opening act was once again Camryn.  I don’t recall her getting all that great of a response last time she opened either.  She kept telling people to stand and jump but most of the girls in my section (and many others that I could see) just sat.  I also have never heard an opening act complain about her shoes so many times!  I guess they were velcro and kept popping open, she ended up taking them off for half a song, then had them on again a bit later complaining again about how obnoxious they were.

The songs in between the sets once again had more girls up than Camryn.  (This is when you know it is time to re-think your opening act.)  I spotted the set list and zoomed in and was able to see most of it – except for what they’d be starting the show with so it was a surprise when they came out of the end of the catwalk to “Up All Night”.  They only did a few of the songs off of the new album which was surprising.  I am not sure if this is the same setup for their 2013 show of if they will re-work things a bit – but I am kind of hoping they re-work it (not that I have tickets – yet!) to include more songs from Take Me Home.

Louis and Niall were cracking me up for most of the night.  When Louis wasn’t standing around looking bored he was doing stupid little moves and then Niall would repeat them and they’d crack each other up.  They also were nearly running into each other constantly and diving in a different direction at the last second.  At times Liam got in on the antics as well.  (And just to note – Louis is my favorite so I am not saying he looked bored to be negative against him)

They did a cover of Wheatus Teenage Dirtbag – and I guess a lot of girls have been saying it is a new 1D song.  This is because if I remember correctly before they performed it they said that it was a NEW SONG and then after they were done asked if we liked the NEW SONG.  If you weren’t aware it was a cover it was quite easy to be confused.

Harry also tried to make a joke – asked who went to the local high school and then said that the principal called because they all missed the school day and where were they? queuing outside.  I thought it was pretty funny, but it didn’t get a great response from the crowd lol

The show was a ton of fun and then I did it all again the next night… so look for that review tomorrow w/ photos from the opposite side of the stage. Somehow I got mirror image seats – same section but on different sides of the stage. Same row too!

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