Saturday night it was time to do it all over again as One Direction had their second performance at the Mohegan Sun Arena.  As far as the setlist and everything goes, it was the same show as the night before, but of course there were little things that were different.

Camryn was once again the opening act – and she didn’t wear the shoes that were giving her so much grief the night before.  The logo she had on the screens on the sides of the stage was also different from the night before and I think she ended her set with a cover mash-up that I don’t recall having been done the night before.  During her set she was throwing t-shirts in the crowd and one hit off a girls hand and the girl behind her caught it.  The girl who’s hand it hit turned around and grabbed it from the girl who caught it and then a mother swooped in and ripped it out of her hand to give it back to the girl that caught it.  I guess Camryn saw this go down too because she ended up tossing a few more near the girl that missed it the first time.

The guys once again started with Up All Night and all around seemed to be a bit more relaxed and loose on stage.  Louis didn’t seem to look as bored and they were all doing their little dance constantly. (I love that they only have 1 dance move and throw it in basically during EVERY song.)

At one point Louis got a hold of some silly string and was getting Liam over and over again.  Then he ended up spraying some of the crowd down front as well before dropping it down to one of the guys near the barricade.  Poor Liam.

Harry joined in a bit more on the antics tonight than he did the night before – he ran up one of the ramps and then slid down trying to go between Liam’s legs who was at the bottom of the ramp.

I looked for Niall and he was on the ground.  Then he got up and kind of like bowed so I am assuming he fell over, but I completely missed how he ended up on the ground.

They seemed to talk to the crowd a lot more too.  Friday night Louis at one point said they didn’t have time for “gossip” and stopped talking, but Saturday they were all commenting on how loud and great we were and how they loved that this was their job and we made it a job for them.

Overall it was a great show and I wish I was going to MSG tonight for their headlining performance there. (It’s not too late – anyone out there got ticket connections? Please?)

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