Oh My! (ft B.O.B)
Wasted Tears
Now That You’re Here
Keep Coming Back
Hit The Ground Runnin’
Waliking on Heaven
Follow Me (I’m Right Behind You)
What You Don’t Know
Let’s Run Away

It is incredibly rare that I fall in love with an album on my first time through playing it. It is even rarer that after listening to it multiple times in a row, that I don’t skip any songs.  However, Listen Up is a cd that I loved from the first note and there are honestly no songs that I feel the need to skip on this CD!   Listen Up really has a throwback, retro vibe, which I think has a lot to do with why I love it so much.  Haley’s voice is amazing as well.  Haley has songwriting credits on nearly all of the 14 songs on the album and the linear notes includes lyrics to all the tracks (this seems to be becoming more and more rare I’ve noticed, maybe it is cheaper to make a smaller CD booklet and toss all the lyrics up on a website instead).    I am having a hard time picking a song as a favorite because they really are so great.  I think that “Oh My” was an excellent choice to start off the album and capture everyone’s attention.  The album really flows as a whole and clocks in at 48 minutes.

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