Jason Mraz Tour Is A Four Letter Word

I did 3 new things Saturday night. 1. I went to the Meadows (Comcast Theater) alone for a show. 2. I saw Jason Mraz live for the first time 3. I did a “paperless ticket” show for the first time.

And pretty much everything worked out alright!  I’ll start with talking about paperless ticketing because I really couldn’t find ANYTHING when I was trying to prepare myself.  Pretty much every other show that I was going to that said it would be paperless either ended up sending out tickets or got canceled. (All were John Mayer) so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Ticketmaster tells you to bring your credit card and photo ID.  I had both ready, but they didn’t ask for my ID.  How this helps deter scalpers, I don’t know.  You could either hand them the CC back or they could use a pre-paid visa.  But I’m also convinced the scalpers are in kahoots with the ticket sites and they do things like paperless ticketing to make the consumer THINK they are looking out for their best interest.   (Where I did get asked for ID? Trying to park! Apparently the theater is trying to crack down on people who steal their grandmothers handicapped passes. So I had to have my pass signed and show my ID as well. The guy apologized profusely since I was legit. So strange! But I kind of like it.)

Anyway… after I gave my CC it got swiped into a machine and then a little piece of paper printed out that had my seat location on it. Which was a relief because I didn’t remember the specifics of my seat and I wanted *something* for my scrapbook!

I made my way to my seats… I had researched beforehand to find out that B1 was row 2 because it goes A1, B1, C1 then A, B, C.  Many others didn’t do their research and there was a lot of confusion.  The fact that there were wires with mats covering them on the floor that were also covering the 1s on one side of the seats didn’t help the situation either.  But I accepted my part time job as seat usher because they were nowhere to be found… and sent a few people a few rows back.  (It was sad to see one guy freak out because he was first row only to then find out he was actually 4th!)

Christina Perri was the first opener. I had seen her 2 times before at TIC’s christmas shows. To be honest, I couldn’t remember if I liked her or not and had to look back at my past reviews to see what I had said! It looks like I never said anything either way.  I do like her voice, but I think that she has too many slower songs which I do not have the attention span for (for any artist).  I liked how she gave everyone a pep talk about “dreaming huge” and never giving up on it.  My mantra is dream big so I definitely can relate to that. (Although I never seem to follow through. I need to work on that)

Then it was time for Jason!  Jason and I go way back. I’ve been a fan of his for years – though I guess you could say “on and off”. I got in to him when I was finishing up high school / starting college with Waiting For My Rocket. I don’t know if I have any in between albums before Love is a four letter word… but I kept up with his singles, etc.  Considering the set list – I’m missing out on a LOT.

Fortunately the beginning of his set had quite a few songs in a row that I knew. Unfortunately the majority of the rest of the set I was not familiar with. Typically before shows like this I try to listen to older stuff to get myself prepared – but if you read the blog you know how busy I’ve been with being in the land of boybands.

That doesn’t mean that I enjoyed the show any less. I’ve been waiting FOR-EV-ER to see Jason and was so glad to finally see a show. (But next time I vow to be more prepared!)  He puts on a great show he has a TON of energy.

My only complaint was that I had tried to sit because I hurt my foot Friday night and didn’t want to aggravate it standing if I didn’t have to.  The front row moved up to the barricade. I stood for a bit but realized I could still see if I sat.   That was – until a couple of girls came from I don’t know where and moved in to the front row (which was now 3-4 people deep.)  I freaking HATE this.  You bought your seats. I bought mine. STAY THERE.  I tend to enjoy shows MORE if I am sitting because then there is not the worrying that I could fall over at any moment if someone next to me knocks me dancing. (My balance sucks)  And the girl behind me hit me on the head like 3 times! She sounded like a super fan (sang every lyric so loudly I could hear even though I had earplugs on) so I guess she was just a little bit excited.  But one time really hurt.

The encore ended up being 3 songs. It started about 10:45 I want to say?  But Jason came out first an apologized saying that he had a lot more songs that he wanted to play for us, but couldn’t because there was a strict curfew.  There were some Boos and he said that he did still have some songs for us, but not as many as he had wanted.

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