Book Review: Amelia Earhart–Case Closed!

Amelia Earhart – Case Closed! Tells the story about Amelia Earhart and what really is believed to have happened when she was lost over the Mid Pacific. ┬áThe story is also a biography and chronicles Amelia’s life up to her going missing.

Amelia is a pretty cool lady – who believed that she could do anything that men could (or couldn’t!) do and be great at it. ┬áDefinitely not the mindset of women in 1937 – but more power to her! (as one of very few women at my job – I believe she is right – anything they can do I can do – BETTER! ;))

The book has been updated from the original version written by Leo Gomez and Walter Roessler, both of whom are now deceased.

There are tons and tons of documents and photos included in the book – many from the national archives written on type writers and not updated to be more “modern” for the sake of the book.

I definitely want to read up more about Amelia and her mystery now – even if the case is “closed”!

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in order to write this review.

About the Book

On July 2, 1937 our beloved Amelia was lost over the Mid Pacific creating one of the world’s greatest mysteries. This engrossing volume explores the woman, her accomplishments, the technology, circumstances, and intrigue.

Endorsed by top aviation professionals, this historically accurate work of extensive, well-documented research leads to an inescapable conclusion, revealing the realities this courageous woman encountered in her attempt to fly around the world. Chronicling the events prior to, on, and after that fateful day, it debunks the “theories” and hype that helped create and promote the mystery, while presenting a penetrating portrayal of Amelia.

Jam-packed with facts, figures, photos, maps, drawings, and Amelia’s perspectives, it will captivate, enlighten, and inspire you… finally setting the record straight.

Has a piece of Amelia’s airplane, personal or survival items been found?
Was her world flight sabotaged?
Was she captured and executed by the Japanese?
Was she on a top secret spy mission for the U.S. government?
Does a part of her airplane appear in a grainy 1937 photo?

Confronting the mystery and putting it behind us, we can now focus on Amelia, what she stood for and accomplished. Thank you, Amelia, for your indomitable spirit in forging ahead, giving people everywhere hope in difficult times; stirring us all to dream. Your legacy soars on in today’s challenging world.

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