The Wanted at Mohegan Sun

Friday night I dealt with some awful CT traffic and made my way up to the casino to see THE WANTED! After mixtape festival last week, I was more than excited to see them again.

Opening the show was Carly Rae Jepsen – who did the same set that she did at Mixtape Festival – which was good because there were some holes in the setlist that I had that I was able to fill in! I also decided I really like her song “Guitar String Wedding Ring” but am really over “Call Me Maybe” especially since this was the 5th show in a ROW where it was performed.  (Twice by Honor Society’s openers, once by Kelly Clarkson and now 2 times by Carly Rae herself).  She mentioned she would be opening for Justin Bieber this fall and that her new album Kiss comes out September 18th so they had been holding back on playing new songs to save them.

Then it was time for The Wanted!  I decided to go absolutely picture crazy during this show. (Moreso than usual.) It was funny how somehow Siva was never in good lighting, but at times Tom would be glowing because he was always in great lighting. (Some day I’ll get a photo album up and running where you can see everything beside the few I pick and choose for the blog posts!)  Max seemed to be really in to the crowd and mentioned 2 or 3 times that he wanted to come back. (I hope that means something is in the works!)  They did a very different set from Mixtape Festival. (2 more songs too!)  The guys just seem like they are having SUCH a fun time on stage that I have gotten over my “but boybands need to dance!” hang up.

For Heart Vacancy they brought up 5 girls on stage – I was shocked to see a girl that I had told I liked her shirt up there! It could have been me! (Although I don’t think I’d have gone. I’d have been scared out of my mind to be on stage!) This is also when I decided it is now on my bucket list to get a hug from Jay!

After the show we wandered around the casino in hopes of bumping in to the guys, but a little while later saw a tweet that they were back on their way to NYC 🙁  As much as I love shows at the casino – it is becoming more and more frustrating that it is near impossible to meet them.

Setlists under the cut!

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