Book Review: The Whitney I Knew

The Whitney I Knew is a touching remembrance of a pop icon written by her “brother”, BeBe Winans.  I thought this book was beautifully written and really gave insight to the Whitney that the public didn’t really know, the Whitney that only her close friends, her family knew.  It was interesting to find out how she was behind the scenes and she seemed like she was a wonderful woman in addition to a great talent.

There are a lot of great stories in the book about her love and devotion to the Winans family and how she would pop up at their shows when they were on tour and sing back up for them! Of course, inevitably all eyes would end up on her, but the fact that she was humble enough to stay in the background and give the Winans their moment definitely speaks about what kind of a person she was.  She could have stole the spotlight (and in way, she probably kind of did) but chose to try and stay in the background to enjoy the moment with her family.

This book is relatively short, and a quick read, but it is an excellent read.  I recommend it for anyone who knew of Whitney fan or not, I think you will learn a lot and really appreciate Whitney for the person she was – a phenomenal talent taken from us far too soon. contains bonus material as mentioned in the book as well as other videos as well.

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

BeBe Winans met Whitney Houston 28 years ago and they quickly developed a close bond. He considered her a sister, and she became a part of the Winans extended family. BeBe takes us inside the life of Whitney Houston. Winans sang back-up vocals on every one of her records and toured with her. He was with her when she was both in front of the camera and far from the spotlight – through good times and the worst of times. Here readers will discover profound stories of triumph and inspiration, and heart-breaking realities that led to her ultimate defeat —new information and insights readers will not find anywhere else. Delivering the moving eulogy at her funeral, Winans reaffirmed that she will be remembered for her warm, lavish generosity and light-hearted humor –the positive truths that overshadow any negative missteps in recent years. “In my heart and in my mind, I have memories of so many great, great moments; she will live in our hearts forever.”

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