I have a bit of a travel bucket list, places I would LOVE to visit and hopefully some day I will be able to!  I recently added “The Island of Dreams” to the list – Kefalonia which is located in Greece.

One of my ex-co-workers was Greek and ever since he showed me some photos of one of his visits to Greece I have wanted to go, and doing some research I found the small island of Kefalonia.

Kefalonia is one of Greece’s most beautiful destinations for a holiday and thousands of tourists flock there each year.

A great website to find out more about this great island is www.kefalonia.co.uk.  It tells you some background on the island and how it has become a big holiday spot in recent years and it also has a great search feature to help you plan your stay!  It has been developed to let you know everything that you need to know about your dream vacation to Kefalonia.

All of the resorts and villas look absolutely gorgeous – and the water is so blue!  We definitely don’t have anything beautiful like that here in the north east.  One of the villas said that the area it is in is sometimes the home to loggerhead turtles!  It would be so cool to see that up close.  I’m definitely going to have a difficult time picking out where to stay when it comes time to visiting Kefalonia.



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