I need your help! I am in a contest and I need your votes.  The winner of the contest will get to photograph Katy Perry’s concert for the first 3 songs and then keep the camera afterwards.  This would be a dream come true for me!  To thank you for helping me out – I will give you 1 bonus entry to a current or future ConcertKatie giveaway. Bonus entry will expire July 30, 2011 and can only be used once.

How to vote:

Head over to http://965tic.radio.com/2011/06/09/katy-perry-photographer-pictures-vote-for-your-favorite-photo/#photo-22 and vote for Contestant #10! (That’s me)

Voting ends June 19th at 9pm.

How to qualify for a bonus entry:

Leave a comment here telling me that you voted.

How to use your bonus entry:

Leave a comment on the contest of your choice that you’re using your bonus entry.

Bonus entries will NOT count if you have not commented on this post.  Bonus entries will expire July 30, 2011.  You can vote once per computer, if you are able to vote from multiple computers you can get additional bonus entries.

EDIT. The poll has been updated to allow 1 vote per person PER DAY.  I will allow anyone who votes to get one bonus entry per day provided they continue to vote for me. Just leave a comment here each day after you vote!

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