Oral SteriClean UV portable sanitizer is proven to kill harmful bacteria that causes infectious diseases, heart disease, stroke, respiratory infections, blood infections, ulcers, GI tract infections, gum disease, cavities & life threatening diseases. It is manufactured under FDA registered facilities.

Oral SteriClean cleans and sanitizes a single toothbrush or electric toothbrush head. It is durable, perfect for travel and made for all ages!

Oral SteriClean UV Toothbrush Sanitizers are not used just to keep your mouth healthy, they are used to keep our entire body, heart, lungs and other vital organs healthy. There is a whole list of diseases that can be caused by the bacteria on our toothbrush Рmany of which I had no idea of before I looked into this product!  All you need to do is place your toothbrush or toothbrush head into the sanitizer and it will automatically turn itself on and off. (Batteries not included!)

I really like this product because it is small and I can easily take it with my on vacation, to a friends house for the weekend, or just keep it on my bathroom counter to keep my toothbrush head sanitized day in and day out. Others I have seen are much larger and need to be plugged into a wall, since this runs on batteries I can stick it in my pocket if I wanted to and take it wherever I needed to go.

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