One of my biggest problems lately is my poor posture and as a result, back pain.  My physical therapist has been bugging me to work on my posture, so I was happy to try out the Faburo Ajustable Back Brace to have it help me with remembering to sit up straight when I am sitting at a desk all day. You can wear it throughout the day. Great during long sits behind a desk at work, or a daily jog. It is designed to pull your shoulders back, straightening your posture. As you continue to wear the brace, it will constantly remind you to position your shoulders in the proper form. While helping to fix posture, it also helps relieve many back pain issues. With your back muscles in proper form, spinal pressure may be relieved. Aids in reduced nerve stimulation along your back. The back brace is easily adjustable by shoulder straps. It fits many sizes, 26″-40″ chest size. Recommended: for greater comfort, wear brace over a shirt.

Initially I only put the brace on for a small amount of time, I had to adjust it in various places to make sure it fit me and then I wore it while I was taking photos of all my product reviews since I was sitting at my desk to do it.  The impact that it had on my back in just the first half an hour of so of wear was amazing.  I’m not sure if my posture is where it should be yet, but it has certainly helped relieve a lot of my back pain in just a few small wearings.

The brace did take me a few tries to get it adjusted to my body type. You may need to have some help with this adjustment so you don’t have to keep taking it on and off to make sure it fits as it should. It also took some practice to be able to take it on and off without help at first.

I received this product in exchange for an honest review

(For best results in straightening your posture your physical participation is required.)