Top Down
Worth It
This Is How We Roll
Everlasting Love
Like Mariah
Them Girls Be Like
Suga Mama
We Know

Reflection is the debut album from XFactor album Fifth Harmony.  It was released in early February with singles BO$$ and Sledgehammer having been released first.  I don’t remember having heard BO$$ but I do enjoy Sledgehammer.  Unfortunately, I can’t really say that for the rest of the album.  It’s an ok cd but I can’t see it being something that I listen to all of the time.  I felt like it also had too many current events and pop culture references in it (I keep getting the “Michelle Obama” part of BO$$ stuck in my head – but I can’t see that standing the test of time) and in a few years it will become old. I was disappointed in this release – I had high hopes for it!

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