roadtripRoad Trip is about Boyd, who has been saving up for the car of his dreams for as long as he can remember.  He finally finds the ’69 Road Runner at a price he can afford and he jumps at it and decides that he will go on a road trip with the car as he’s been marking off places he’d like to visit on a map for quite some time.  He starts in California and is trying to get the car back home to Syracuse, NY while missing the least amount of work as possible.

While in Vegas, Boyd meets a “kid” named Oliver who he for some reason feels a connection to (even after Oliver says he’s not hooking up with Boyd.)  Oliver wants to get home to Maryland so Boyd decides to take him along for the ride.

Despite a few set backs, Boyd and Oliver begin falling for each other and end up making it to Maryland a couple of days behind schedule – thanks in part to a “no regrets” speech that Oliver gives Boyd when he decides to just drive by some places on his list rather than stop and check them out.  When they get to Maryland, some bad guys are waiting for Oliver.

The two end up trying to figure out a way to make everyone happy… and then try to figure out how to get the two of them to end up living happily ever after.

Boyd and Oliver at first seem like an unlikely pair – Boyd is 35, Oliver is 24, but Boyd is a bit more “old school” than most 35 year olds. He has no cell phone, he doesn’t know what skype is, and he’s content listening to eight tracks in his ’69 car.  It is interesting to see the change that the two bring about each other over the course of their 7 day road trip (and then some.  The book follows the 7 days of the trip and then a couple of chapters afterwards jump forward in time a bit to finish the story)

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

For as long as Boyd can remember, he’s been pushing pins into a map. Carson City, Las Vegas, Albuquerque—all places he wants to see, for a dozen different reasons that wouldn’t mean a thing to anyone else. When he finally gets a chance to purchase the ’69 Road Runner of his dreams, at a price that even he can manage, Boyd jumps at the opportunity.

Oliver seems like just another kid with a broken dream when their paths cross in Vegas. Against Boyd’s better judgment, he offers to let Oliver hitch along for the ride when Oliver confides the need to get out and get gone.

But it’s not long before Boyd realizes Oliver’s reasons for running are more complicated—and more dangerous—than Oliver let on. But Boyd doesn’t like people who play hardball, and he definitely doesn’t like people messing with a man who’s managed to light a fuse that Boyd forgot he had.

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