For the longest time I had been using my Silhouette to cut out only paper for my scrapbook. I joined a few groups on Facebook and found out a bit more about what I can actually do with this machine beyond just paper cutting.  I started to do vinyl cutting and some glitters & paint ornaments.  The first set of ornaments in this set are painted – and I’m not really happy with the results. A lot of spots started chipping on the inside, I re-did the paint several times and just couldn’t get it to stick properly.  But my first vinyl cutting was the names to add to the painted ornaments.

Then I was introduced to glitter ornaments where you swirl floor polish or polycrilic into the ornament and then swirl glitter around so it sticks on the inside.  This seems to get a much better cover and doesn’t seem like it’s falling off at all.  Then I did some layered vinyl on the ornaments to mimic the shirts I made for our Disney trip.  I also did a baseball one (that I have since added a Mets logo to the front and Wright 5 to the back)  I also did some green Ninja Turtle faces as well. These are so easy and I couldn’t believe I was so scared to cut vinyl in the beginning!

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