Product Review: Valhalla Luggage Scale

Never pay overweight charges on your luggage again! The Valhalla Luggage Scale is super easy to use and is tiny enough that you can pack it in your luggage and it won’t take up much room at all.  The scale also doubles as a flashlight if you need to dig through your luggage to find something in the dark.  The scale also easily toggles between measuring in pounds, ounces, kilogram and grams.  It automatically shuts itself off after use and is so easy to use you can weigh your luggage using only one hand.

This scale is incredibly easy to use. Open the packaging, put in the batteries (the directions for which way to put them is on the battery door – took me a second to find it) and you are ready to go! It’s so easy, you can weigh your luggage with one hand and take a picture of yourself doing it with the other! (Note: Although I am leaving for vacation very, very soon – I did these photos long before it was time to pack.  But I will be taking the scale with me and keeping an eye on how heavy my luggage is before and after the trip!)

I received a free product in review for writing this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

Try It Tuesday: Latch Hook Pillows

When I was younger, my grandparents used to make latch hook rugs. I remember making a “custom” one for my dolls when I was little by drawing it out on the mesh and then hooking the yarn in.  When I saw that Blitsy had Disney latch hook kits, I couldn’t resist getting Pumbaa (and Simba too, but he isn’t pictured).

Of course, I couldn’t remember how to latch hook and actually had to look up a tutorial on YouTube. I’m so ashamed!

These kits didn’t have the colors on the mesh, which made things a bit complicated.  My mom ended up helping me out because I kept losing my place and I would do maybe 100 pieces of yarn per American Idol 2 part episode!

They will become pillows, but I bought some African fabric and passed them on to my Aunt to turn them into pillows because she is more of a pro than I am 😉  When she has made them I’ll have to make another post to show them off!

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