When I was younger, my grandparents used to make latch hook rugs. I remember making a “custom” one for my dolls when I was little by drawing it out on the mesh and then hooking the yarn in.  When I saw that Blitsy had Disney latch hook kits, I couldn’t resist getting Pumbaa (and Simba too, but he isn’t pictured).

Of course, I couldn’t remember how to latch hook and actually had to look up a tutorial on YouTube. I’m so ashamed!

These kits didn’t have the colors on the mesh, which made things a bit complicated.  My mom ended up helping me out because I kept losing my place and I would do maybe 100 pieces of yarn per American Idol 2 part episode!

They will become pillows, but I bought some African fabric and passed them on to my Aunt to turn them into pillows because she is more of a pro than I am 😉  When she has made them I’ll have to make another post to show them off!

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