Outreach Programs Bring Culture to Young and Old

Non-profit outreach programs introduce art and music to the public. Besides supplying instruments like pianos for children and adults to use, they also open a new world of discovery and expression for all ages. This is also an import way to acquaint all ages with different cultures and their benefits.

Who Establishes These Organizations

These programs are founded and operated by artists of varying talents. Singers, actors, painters, sculptors, photographers, dancers and those who play instruments strive to give a meaningful service to the community. Their programs open a new world of unlimited opportunities to better the life of children and adults of all ages and backgrounds.

Where Outreach Programs Are Taken

Volunteers bring their programs to schools, community centers and underprivileged neighborhoods. Patients in medical centers and nursing homes also benefit from this service. Fun and enjoyable methods like playing instruments, singing, dancing, painting, drawing and sculpting are taught to those interested.

Introduce Music and Art to Children

Introducing children to music and art promotes creativity and an eagerness to learn. They gain confidence as they discover a new method to express themselves. Children with autism or other learning or behavior problems who are introduced to these programs become better focused and less frustrated in the learning process. This relaxing past time also teaches them to appreciate and strive to be involved in the art world.

Beneficial to Senior Citizens

Music and art therapy are often used for senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and depression. Exposing them to various art forms encourages calmness, joy and hope. An improved state of mind, better eating habits and reduced feelings of depression and frustration are experienced. They rediscover a way to express themselves using a creative activity that makes them feel they are doing something meaningful.

Donate to organizations like Sing for Hope that use music and art to reach the community. Volunteers in these organizations unite and use their talents to uplift every age in the community. Donations help them continue their programs to reach needy children and adults in various environments. Artists strive to make a difference to those in need.

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