Explore your DJ Entertainment Lighting Options
Working as a DJ, clients often request special lighting effects. It is important to be able to provide the equipment to satisfy these requests. Having a variety of lighting options available is ideal. This includes portable laser light options, color changing lights and programmable programs. Also having standalone LED lighting options available is a plus.
Laser Lights
When the music really gets going and the guests are dancing, adding laser lights to increase the enjoyment of the atmosphere is ideal. This gets the guests more involved in the event and helps them enjoy themselves more. Dancing with lights and lasers overhead recreates a club-like scene.
This type of atmosphere is great for wedding receptions, anniversary parties and even graduation parties. As a DJ, consider having laser lights available for those special requests.
Light Program Boards
A successful DJ also needs programmable lighting boards and varying lighting structures to create special effects. These program boards and structures allow a DJ to program the lights to change, flash or rotate to the beat of songs. The way that lights are used creates ambiance and a mood for the occasion. It is important to know how to use these programs and pieces of equipment to deliver what the client wants to provide their guests.
Select single pieces of DJ lighting equipment or look for DJ lighting packages that help you obtain several lighting options in a single purchase. This helps expand your client base and adds to your available options for guests. The more versatile you are as an entertainment DJ, the more in-demand your services become. I Dj Now  has a variety of lighting options.

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