sophiaPrincess Sophia and the Frog tells the story of Sophia, who is bored.  She is visited by the frog who tells her that if she dances with him and kisses him they can go on an adventure.  While they are on the adventure they meet a star that is sad and Sophia and the frog cheer up the star.  When Sophia returns home after the adventure with the frog she realizes that she is happy and meant to be in the castle where she lives and that who she is with help make her happy!  A very fun book for kids with all rhyming pages and some wonderful illustrations.

I purchased a free e-copy of this book through a promotion on Amazon in order to write this review.


About the Book

A wonderful fairy tale about friendship and happiness:

“PRINCESS SOPHIA AND THE FROG is about a little princess named
Sophia and her new friend the frog, Sophia was bored so the frog
convinces her to give him a kiss and dance with him so that together,
they can take adventures. This isn’t just your typical fairy tale
because it’s more about friendship and happiness than love. It’s a new
kind of princess story that takes an old tale and puts a new spin on it.
The way it’s written is so fun because it rhymes and the words go from
normal to big. It’s just such a perfect children’s book. My little one
loves the illustrations and I think that she also really enjoys how
colorful it is.” (Thank you Marianna!)

On her adventure Sophia learns about feelings. She also learns that
she can choose what mood she surrounds herself with, as this will impact
her own.

After her return to the castle she realizes that all she needs to be happy is to be surrounded by good friends.

There is a free PRINCESS SOPHIA coloring book available on the author’s website:

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