February 1, 2014

Giveaway: Shaking Behind The Microphone

My review for this book will be coming in the next few days, but I wanted to offer you up some extra time to enter the giveaway before I have to give information over to the sponsor.



Do you suffer from the fear of public speaking? You are not alone. In the book, Shaking Behind the Microphone: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking, Jill Vanderwood shares her story of being terrified to speak in public. She now speaks to groups and teaches workshops without fear.

You will read about others who struggle with this common fear; those who had a choice to either learn public speaking or risk losing their job. Learn tips from experts; read about kids who learned public speaking at an early age, and stories from performers who tell others how to perform without fear. You will also acquire untradiional solutions for overcoming fear and anxiety.

Taking steps toward overcoming the fear of public speaking will put you on the road to living a better life.

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Giveaway: Missy Mila DVD Ends 2/17

Another giveaway! My review on this is coming – but wanted to give everyone a headstart on entering the contest!


Mila is an 8-year-old quirky, energetic tomboy who loves to tell you traditional story-tales but with her own twist. Kids will be inspired to use their imagination and to become storytellers themselves. Audience participation is triggered by Mila’s direct-to-camera asides all along the episode; her questions and games bring kids right into the story. Join Mila, laugh at the zany dialogs and fresh art in this innovative series which explores the world of classic tales.
Traditional tales are timeless stories that everyone loves to delve back into, generation after generation. Far from old-fashioned clichés, the series “Missy Mila: Twisted Tales” revamps this cultural heritage through the imagination and spontaneity of a present-day little girl. Mila’s stories are peppered with spicy anachronisms and offbeat re-interpretations. So, don’t act surprised if you see a prince applying hair gel before setting out to rescue a princess, unless the latter is a kung-fu champion, that is! As for the dreadful Minotaur, Mila prefers to picture him as the Toupouloupou, a sweetie pie with a sweet tooth. And why do the wolves always have to be depicted as the bad guys? And, in her very personal adaptation of the Three Little Pigs, Mila swaps the awfully shy big bad wolf for an affable bull that… rocks!


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Giveaway: Cook’n Recipe Organizer Download

Once again, my review on this product will be coming – but enter NOW to win! Ends 3/1



Cook’n is the #1 Best-Selling Recipe Organizer and is the ultimate kitchen companion.

Cook’n is the Only Recipe Software that lets you:
– Easily Enter your Personal Recipes

  • – Get Ideas for What to Make for Dinner
    – See a Visual Menu Planner
    – Auto-Generate Shopping Lists
    – Capture Recipes From Favorite Websites
    – Calculate Nutrition of Your Recipes
    – Capture & Sync Pinterest Recipes – Demo
    – Scan Printed Recipes – Demo
    – Discover New Recipes w/Live Feed – Demo
    – Print Themed Recipes – Demo
    – Use Snip-It to Capture Blog Recipes – Demo
    – Import recipes from Word – Demo
    – Share Recipes with Social Media – Demo
    – and much more!

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