Since U Been Gone
My Life Would Suck Without You
Miss Independent
Behind These Hazel Eyes
Because Of You
Already Gone
Mr Know It All
Don’y You Wanna Stay
Walk Away
Catch My Breath
People Like Us
Don’t Rush
A Moment Like This
I’ll Be Home for Christmas

It is hard to believe that it has been 10+ years since  Kelly won the first American Idol season. (A season I never really watched, but I do love me some Kelly!)  Even harder to believe is the sheer amount of hits she has racked up in that time. As one of the most successful Idol contestants ever, she has had an amazing career.  She titled her Greatest Hits CD “Chapter One” just so you know that it is not over for her in the slightest – she is still going to be continuing her journey.

It’s kind of hard to review a greatest hits CD, but it is a rare time when you can sing along to every song on the CD before even popping it into your CD player 🙂  It is a great compilation of fun songs and if you don’t own any other Kelly CDs – this is the one you need!

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