Showtime: Meet the People Behind the Scenes is all about the other people in the music business who help make that big show go off without a hitch.  These are stories about real people who hold these jobs, not just hypothetical.  This is a way to let you know what other music related jobs might be out there for you if you don’t want to be the one on stage!

I was pleasantly surprised when the first chapter was about Choreography Bradley Rapier.  I remember him because he did the choreography for one of 2gether’s music videos!  While that credit was not listed in his chapter, a lot of other great information on him was so I learned a lot!  Also at the end of each chapter it has a list of things that you might do that might make you a good choice in having each of the jobs.  Choreographer? Probably (ok, definitely) not for me!

One of the jobs I’d love to do but probably don’t have the patience for? Set Designer.  Machico Weston does some amazing work that you can see in the book.  (I actually have this dream and I’ll probably really never end up doing it – but I wanted to make a model of the Foreman’s house from That 70s show!)  It also turns out that by just having this blog I am on my way to becoming a critic.  Not sure I’d really want to do that though because I’d have to write about all types of shows and I find it more fun just to write about the shows I want to write about ;).

The final chapter talks more about who you’ll see at the venue – security, guest services, etc.  While this book is geared towards kids I found it interesting.  While I knew about most of these people going in to tours I didn’t exactly know what all their jobs were and this book definitely explained that and in such a way that it was easy to understand.  If you have a kid who might be wanting to go in to the music industry but more “behind the scenes” definitely have them check out this book.  Or if you’re an adult and want to change your career or just find out more about what it takes to putting on a huge concert – check it out as well.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review.  I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Find out about the other “stars” in show business.

It takes a lot more than a star to make a show happen. Behind the scenes at a concert, play, or dance performance are dozens of people who work hard to make the show a success. In this book, kids will meet some of those people.

There’s set designer Machiko Weston who meticulously creates miniature 3D sets that capture the smallest detail of what the actual stage will look like. Costume designer Maggi Yule has created everything from a rock star’s sequined outfit to historically accurate clothes for period plays. And even long-haul truckers like Ben Pinel play an important role as they ensure that instruments, lights, and speakers get from one venue to another safely and on time. The more than a dozen show business careers highlighted in this book also include songwriter, promoter, graphic designer, choreographer, and vocal coach.

For those who think they might like to pursue any of the careers described, each chapter ends with suggestions of what kids can do now to prepare themselves. Colorful photos, sidebars, and quotes from the people interviewed combine to make this an engaging and informative book that anyone interested in show business should read.

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