I know that you have seen those little stick figure families on the back of cars when you’ve been driving, or maybe you’ve even seen them for sale in stores.  Well, Vinyl Disorder takes the car decal stickers to the next level.  They offer a variety of family stickers that AREN’T stick figures.   Can we say – Star Wars family? (Among many, many others!)

Recently they gave me the chance to make my own custom car stickers to represent MY family.  Since basically it is just me, I went for a Treble Clef in ORANGE!  They sent me enough to represent me, my mom, dad, and brothers but I opted to just use 2 of them on my car.

Typically these stickers go on the back window of the car, but yet again I had to be different and decided to put them on the side windows of my Rav.  I was able to customize them to my favorite color, orange, but they have a huge amount of colors to choose from so you won’t have a problem finding something to either match your car or your family.

When they arrive, be sure to read the application tips!

1. Preparation
To make sure the layers all adhere correctly, lay the decal on a flat surface and rub it down with a hard squeegee or credit card. Your decal is made of 3 layers: (1) the top layer or transfer tape (2) the vinyl sticker middle layer (3) the bottom layer or the wax paper

2. Position Your Letters
Clean and dry the desired areas. Stickers will stick best to clean smooth surfaces. Position your decal on your object, centering the letters, and securing it with masking tape or painters tape. Apple the tape to the middle section and to the top of each corner. The tape will act as a hinge for the project.

3. Remove the backing
Remove the paper backing slowly at 45 degrees making sure the sticker stays adhered to the top layer transfer tape. If it wants to stick to the paper backing, slowly manipulate the backing or use your squeegee again on the image to help the vinyl stick to the top layer.

4. Apply to Surface
Use a hard edged object like a Squeegee or credit card to make sure the entire sticker is fully adhered to the surface. Work from the center out on both sides until you have gone over the entire surface. If your surface has a heavy texture, use your finger tips to really get the material in the grooves.

5. Peel Off Transfer Tape
Slowly remove the transfer tape again at a 45 degree angle. Making sure no part of the sticker remains on the transfer tape. if it does take your squeegee and rub that part back down. Keep your hand close to where the transfer tape is coming off the surface to keep appropriate tension.

6. You’re Done!
That’s it!

(Removal: To remove just use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat the vinyl to soften it making it easier to peel off!)


I put mine in the inside of the window – which I probably should have specified when ordering because they are kind of backwards now. oops.

Sorry for the less than stellar photo here – with the window tint it is a bit hard to see and I was too cold to open the garage door all the way to let in any natural light.  Ill try to snap a better photo one day when the car is outside in the bright sun!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free usingTomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.



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