Saturday Honor Society was back in Boston – this time as an opening act for All Star Weekend on the Summer of Love Tour.  At first I wasn’t sure how I’d like them being an opening act as opposed to a headliner, but I think it worked out well for them. (And we got to leave before the show was over!)

Before the show, I got to participate in a VIP Experience with the band – where we took a tour of the historic 100 year old Fenway Park.  Not something I probably would have done otherwise (and Mike agreed), but it was pretty cool to go through the oldest ballpark in the MLB!  We walked almost all over the place – though never ended up on the Green Monster.  They were also setting up the stage for Bruce Springsteen who is performing there this week so we got to see that going on as well.  The VIP Experience was one of the rewards for Honor Society’s recent Kickstarter campaign – in which they raised 217% of their goal – which may just be one of the most successful music-related Kickstarters in the history of the website!

After our tour we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to the House of Blues for the show.  We asked for handicapped seating and they let us in early but then kind of had us fend for ourselves. We grabbed a spot by a rail but by the time Honor Society’s set was done my legs were really bothering me.  We got a photo w/ Alex before the show and said hey to Mike and Jay after, but decided not to stick around for Allstar Weekends set.  Typically I would stay, but there was no way I would have survived AND been able to go to see them the next night as well. (And I have concerts every weekend until Labor Day so I have to pace myself)

The first opening act I believe was called This Is All Now.  I thought it was strange that even though they had banners w/ their name on it – they never bothered to say who they were or introduce any of the band members.  I really wasn’t in to them at all… and them doing a Carly Rae Jepsen cover AND Katy Perry cover probably had something to do with that.

The second band was Namesake and I liked them a bit better than the first.  They also stopped singing their last song because girls were getting pulled out of the crowd and the lead singer mentioned that he hoped they were ok and mentioned to the crowd to stay hydrated.  Then they re-started their last song once the girls were safely out of the crowd.

The theme with the two openers seemed to be if you bought a CD you’d get a kiss on the cheek from a band member.

Then it was time for Honor Society! They did only an 8 song set, but it was an awesome set.  I don’t know what happened to them but Mike seemed to reall settle into his role as the front man and kept things exciting.  They seemed to have grown as a band leaps and bounds since the last time I saw them in November and I didn’t even think that was possible because they were so great before.  (And everyone was saying their set was so awesome, better than usual, but I didn’t believe them. It totally was!)

The setlist was a little bit different than what I had read at the start of the tour – they did Here Comes Trouble, Two Rebels, Obsession, Serendipity, Run For Your Money, See U In The Dark, Nobody Has To Know, Wherever You Are.

Here’s a tip I learned.  If you want the lead singer to look at you a lot during the set – go to a show on his birthday and then make sure his parents stand next to you!

Unfortunately all the standing did me in so we heard some of Allstar Weekends set when in the bathroom but didn’t end up sticking around for the end of the show. I don’t think we saw enough to legitimately say that I saw AllStar Weekend so they won’t be added to any of my counts.

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