With the success of their Kickstarter campaign, Honor Society was able to book some headlining shows during the Summer of Love tour. One was on Sunday night in Amityville, NY at Ollie’s Point.  With how tired I was from the night before, I called to see about handicapped seating.  I was told they had no designated area (ut oh) but plenty of areas with chairs existed.  It turned out alright, as I sat at the bar all night and had a pretty decent view of the stage, with the exception of a support beam that blocked band members here and there.

The first band was Here’s To You, a local Long Island band.  Big shocker – during their set I actually tweeted “Ok I like this opener. Favorite this tweet because I never say that!”  They opened their set with the imperial death march (I think that is what it is called?) from Star Wars and they also did a cover of Bruno Mars Runaway Baby which is one of my favorite songs lately so that definitely won them some points.

The next band was This Is All Now, the one from the night before I didn’t like.  They didn’t seem to be as bad at this show – but the lead singer did mention he was sick and in the hospital that morning – so maybe the Boston show was less than stellar because he was sick.

The 3rd opener was Kicking Daisies. This was my second time seeing them with the new all guy lineup and I still wasn’t that impressed.  They also seemed to do a lot of covers in their set instead of original songs.  I don’t know, I miss my hometown girls Carly and Caitlin in the line up!

Then it was time for Honor Society! I was excited that it would be a headlining set – so not the short 8 songs from the night before. They also promised new music so I was looking forward to that!  I opted to stay at my seat at the bar for their set – even though I thought it would make my photos suffer.  Well, if the lighting was just right I was able to get some decent shots (of everyone but Alex, unfortunately) so I decided I might as well just stay seated.  (This ended up making me be “trapped” in the back and miss out on seeing the guys before I left, but that’s ok, because I had access to the bathroom which was the important thing lol)  The show was on fire and it was really cool to watch the entire crowd up front do the Honor Roll to See U In The Dark.  (But the fact that they now call this an “old song” makes me feel old haha)

I got some video of the new songs – Obsession, Serendipity and This Bed is An Ocean (not really new, but re worked a but and itll be on the next album! Hooray!) I will try to post them at some point if they did indeed come out ok.

Mike also started talking about Serendipity and the download cards they had (I meant to grab an extra or two to give away but forgot – sorry everyone!) and then Andy had to tell him that it wasn’t the next song.  Then when there was 3 songs left Mike was teasing about how since he could read – he knew what the last 3 songs were. (And also mentioned that the show was called “The Hangover” because his birthday was the day before haha)

Word is that their new album will be coming out in September and there just may be a tour to promote it. *fingers crossed!*


Here Comes Trouble
Two Rebels
Livin a Lie
See U In The Dark
Where Are You Now
Run For Your Money
Find You In The Dark
This Bed Is An Ocean
Full Moon Crazy
Nobody Has To Know
Wherever You Are

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