Update on Blaze of Glory

Back in October I reviewed m.garzon’s novel Blaze of Glory and I really enjoyed the book.  The author just contacted me with some new developments with the book and I figured I would pass it along for anyone who might have picked up the book after reading my review.

It is quite possible that the book might become a television show, either in the US or Canada and you can read more about that here: http://www.journalpremiereedition.com/English/2012-01-27/article-2878182/Debut-novel-has-Saint-Lazare-author-reaching-new-heights/1

Indie Reader has also recommended it as a romance e-book: http://www.journalpremiereedition.com/English/2012-01-27/article-2878182/Debut-novel-has-Saint-Lazare-author-reaching-new-heights/1

This is certainly exciting stuff and although right now I probably watch too many tv shows for my own good, I would not mind adding a Blaze of Glory show in to my schedule!

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