Matt Nathanson All Night Noise Tour 2012

This concert review should be subtitled… the time I completely misjudged the popularity of Matt Nathanson. I don’t know that I would call myself a “fan” of Matt – I like his stuff when I hear it on the radio or in movies but I don’t actively listen to him.  When I saw he was playing the Wolf’s Den on a Friday I figured – what the heck – it’s a free show I’ll check him out.  And apparently I was not the only one with that idea as when I showed up (later than I had wanted due to being stuck at work) the Wolf’s Den was full and the people around the outer perimeter were already about 5 deep. (And any of you who have never seen this venue are like “whaa?” and I’m not even sure I can explain.)

I believe this was his first show of the All Night Noise tour which he is doing kind of woven in with his opening dates with Kelly Clarkson. Definitely check out his tour dates because they are kind of wild. (But you’ll probably want to see the All Night Noise tour since he’ll play a longer set. Unless you like Kelly too then of course you’ll see two great sets but Matt’s will be much shorter. Can you tell I am writing this in desperate need of sleep?)

I waited out the 45 minutes for the show to start playing Viva Monopoly and got in the bonus round like 8 times but never won more than $9 each bonus.  I opted to move to a Press Your Luck game once the show started because it was facing the stage but I quickly realized that I needed to make a choice – see and play or hear and not play.  I missed the titles of the first 2 songs during this inner debate. (So if you know what they were, please post!)

I walked around a bit trying to find a decent spot but for me decent means able to lean on something and I had no luck. I went to the back and took some photos of the screen so I’d have proof at least that I was there. Then I found a spot where I could hear relatively well (if the people surrounding me were not having shouty conversations with one another) and kind of sort of see the screen depending on how I wiggled.  So I stayed there most of the night. (Until near the end when I almost won my money back on Lord of the Rings but then lost it all. Bummer. Although $20 lasting an hour an a half is a new record for me I think!)

Matt was enjoyable and someone I’d definitely go see again (and it is a bummer that he did not open for Kelly Clarkson last week!)  He was amusing as well. Even threw in ‘You make my heart beat faster – like a wolf!’ and said that it was one of the weirdest shows he has ever played.  Unfortunately when he was talking was also when the chatty cathy’s around me started up so I was unable to hear as much banter as I would have liked (banter is my favorite).  He also introduced Bottom of the Sea as a song to reclaim the bottom of the ocean from the crabs because he thought that the song under the sea was wrong… singing it’s better down where it’s wetter – by a CRAB. ha.

Anyway, I definitely think Matt has a decent fan base here in Connecticut (and surrounding areas) and would love to see him again if he is playing somewhere that holds more than 150-200 people! (Although I’m not sure how many would still come out if it wasn’t a free show but I’d like to find out!)


To the Beat of our Noisy Hearts
Modern Love

Detroit Waves
Bottom of the Sea
Little Red Corvette (prince)
Fall To Pieces
I Saw
Car Crash
Kiss Quick
I Want Candy / Faith / Faster
Room At the End of the World
Come On Get Higher

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